Saturday, May 26, 2012

Security Detail

After yesterday's fiasco that mom called an 'adventure', I decided that today would be a good day for a security check in my 'hood.

I walked out to my post with purpose, just in case some rogue dawg looking for trouble was watching.

Everything looks pretty good so far.

I better settle in... it could be a long shift!

What?!?  Who is this guy?  What's in those bags, dude?  Are you listening to me?

A black car?  Those are never good!  Everyone knows that only nefarious characters drive black cars!

I better keep my eye on him.

Hey!  There's Shelby... better make sure she gets back home safe and sound!

At the end of my shift I have to go find Al the caretaker of the complex to give him my report.

I let him know about the black car and the person carrying the grocery bag... both very suspicious in my opinion! 

Another long shift over and done...

Now it's time for a nap!


  1. Great Job Guys! Keepin da world safe!

  2. OMD OMD.... I hope he remembered that this is FRIDAY/PAY DAY when you delivered your repawt.

  3. Security work is exhausting!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. You puppies work SO hard!! You should get steaks a a reward.

  5. You guys are like Dottie's, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Wow, that is hard work. I hope you got paid well!
    Sally Ann and Andy

  7. I shudder to think what they would do without you. I hope they appreciate you.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. I bet that black car was full of clowns and the bag was probably a band of misfit gnomes... have you considered moving to a safer neighborhood?

  9. You need a raise for all of your hard work!


  10. Great job Sam, your like the Sheriff of your town and Pippen is your deputy! Keep on doing a good job for your neighbours! Love, Licks and Hugs from your friend Frank x x x x x

  11. Now that's a good day's work! You've earned a nap!

  12. Excellent; keep up the excellent work!

  13. Good work!

    Stop on by for a visit