Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 3 of Mom's Vacation...

So far this vacation stuff isn't panning out to anything...

Mom has cleaned out her closet and the linen closet.  She's organizing and cleaning stuff we didn't even know we had!  We're just hoping she doesn't decide that we need a cleaning as well!

Today's excitement was going for a walkie around the neighbourhood and the highlight for me was...

running down...


and running...

all the way...

back to the top!

It must have been like 500 steps at least!  And I totally wasn't winded at all!

Pippen, on the other paw, has decided that since he's turned seven he's going to be more mature...

He says this picture is 'ironic'.

I think it's kinda juvenile...


  1. What is with these cleaning holidays? I thought it meant a holiday from cleaning, not a holiday to clean. Oh well, clean house, clean mentals, right?

    Don't overdo on those stairs! Yikes, what an athlete.


  2. Hi Sam and Pippen! Wow Sam, you are one crazy dog to run up all those stairs! You training to be in the Doggy Olympics this year??? I cant believe your Mom is cleaning on her holiday, thats madness, when my Mum is on holiday she takes me on adventures every day and long walks, you need to tell her whos the boss around your house Sam, you are slipping!!!
    Love the photo of Pippen, very mature, heee,hee,heee! Love, Licks and Hugs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxx

  3. You took a picture of Pippen Poopin? PAWbacks can be really Ruff you know.

  4. You are in great shape.

    As for the ironic photo...well, I covered my eyes.


  5. Mama is still giggling at the ironic picture...

    Boy Sam you must be in great shape to run up and down those stairs like that!


  6. Why is it that humans always decide to start cleaning and organizing just when we've finally gotten the house in decent shape?! Momma's been making noises about cleaning our house too, and I keep telling her it finally smells perfect!

  7. yes at least 500 stairs!

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. yeah, running up and down stairs tops my bucket list


  9. Yay your mom is right that picture is really Ironic. And I'm glad that your still doing great with your Mom even though she's a little bit busy :D

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