Thursday, November 29, 2012

Justice Denied!

We are here to tell you a shocking story of injustice... A travesty of travesties!

About a month ago, mom's work had a pet photo contest so she entered each of us...

After the contest closed, mom brought the poster home with our awesome entries... and she told us that ONE of us won!

Can you guess which one?

No!  It wasn't me and there in lies the travesty of all travesties!  Can you believe it was Chico Kitteh?

Chico Kitteh WON!  If that wasn't shocking enough, guess what he category he won...


Hello?  Dignified?  Chico Kitteh?  He's a cranky old man!  How is that dignified?

Here's his prize... it's like a bird like object.  At first, mom wouldn't let us play with it because she said that Chico Kitteh won it so it was his...

But he wasn't all that interested in it, so Pippen decided to give it the old sniff test.

And I like sitting with it, just so Chico Kitteh can't have it in case he does want to play with it.


Does that look like something a 'dignified' kitteh would do?

We are currently composing a letter of protest demanding a recount as well as an investigation into the backgrounds of the judges.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Home?

Do you ever wonders about moving?  Getting a new house and new stuffs?

Well, yesterday on our walkie around the neighbourhood, I was wondering just that.

How abouts this house mom?  I like the sidewalk up to the front door...

I really like this house... it smells like BACON!!!!

What about this one?  We could hit the road and drive and drive and drive.

Yep... all those things sound great but our house is pretty good and has a nice sidewalk and sometimes smells like bacon...  and if we want to drive somewheres, we can always go in our car.

Yep... I thinks we should stay right where we are... for now, anyway!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Heavyweight Champeen of the World!!!

Mom and I have taken up boxing...


Mom - 1

Sam - nuttin!

PeeS:  Mom didn't really knock me out... it's all just trick photography!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Adventure Walkie Sunday - Part Two!

So after going walkies around our Parliament Buildings, we were still pretty ramped up when mom took us back to the car.  We were SO ramped up that when she asked us if we wanted to go get a donut or go for another walkie we immediately said, 'ANOTHER WALKIE!!!'

Mom remembered how much fun we had the other week when we went down to Dallas Road so she said that we would go to another part of it called Clover Point.  We said that we were good with that as long as we could go to the beach too!

As you can see it was kinda cold and windy out... you can barely see the sailboat out there on the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Looks like the birdies like to hang out here too.

One of the things I like to to the most is look over the edges of cliffs... as you can imagine mom gets all silly thinking I'm going to fall off!  Like really?  Do I look clumsy?

One of the things that a cold and windy day does to some dawgs is to make them act like they've got ants in their pants...  Pippen was totally doing cracker dawg zoomies all over.

Did I mention it was windy out?  Just check out my tail!  That's high velocity winds.

After checking out the cliff edges, grasses and chasing the birds, we reminded mom that we had to go down to the beach too.  We liked the access here - no stairs or steep hill to go up or down.

Check out my awesome butt muscles!  Not many dawgs have THAT going on!

We were hoping that mom would let us walkie along the beach for awhile but she said that it was cold!  And if that wasn't bad enough we had to listen to her complain about how hard it is to walk on rocks...

If the rocks are too hard to walk on, why don't you try walking on the big sticks?  It works for us...

Pippen tries to look studly but with the wind blowing his furs all hither and yon he just barely pulls of the goofy look.

Holy guacamole!  Now look what the wind is doing to my tail!

Hey Pippen!  If you wants to have a studly picture taken of you, you gots to look like a stud first... like the handsome son of a gun in the photo below!  Is it any wonder why the girls go crazy for me???

After I accomplished the studly photo, there really wasn't any thing left to do but go home!  Plus we were both getting tired of listening to mom say how cold it was...

So after one last picture of a big ship in the Strait, we headed to the donut shop for our breaky.

We're excited to see where mom takes us next Sunday for another adventure walkie...  hopefully it involves a beach!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adventure Sunday Walkie - Part One!

We got up early this morning and got into our car to go one another Adventure Walkie.  This is starting to be a great weekend tradition!  Mom decided that we should check out the British Columbia Parliament Buildings - we were totally up for that idea because we've never been there before!

We parked the car on a side street so that we go through the grounds of the buildings.

Here's the back entrance and it has a fountain!  We didn't want to get too close to it because it was noisy!

Mom showed us the little statue things this one's an eagle.

And mom says this is a bear but I don't believe it... looks like a dog to me... butt he wasn't very friendly and wouldn't come over to say hi when I tried to sniff his butt.

Sam's just raring to go!  He was running up and down steps every where!  He said he had something to tell the Premier and wanted to find her! 

He was even knocking on doors to see if anyone was in!

He had no luck at the back doors so we had to trek around to the side entrances to try those ones...

This is certainly a big building!  Wish they'd let us in so we could check out the halls and neato rooms...

Ruh Roh...  Sam says this is exactly what he was looking for!  The Treasury!  He wants to petition the Province to give him more money for treats and cookies... mom said that he'd have to wait for another day because nobuddy would be working on a Sunday. 

Here's the front door... the gates are closed so cracker dogs like Sam can't access the joint!

The front lawn with the BC Flag.

C'mon!  If the place isn't open on Sundays lets get moving!

Have to check out the pee mail... we hear there's lots of interesting stuff that goes on here.

And then it was time to head back to the car...

but we weren't going home!  Tune in tomorrow for the exciting part two edition of our walkie - it was way more exciting than looking at some boring building!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Battle Lap!

Every night it's the same thing...  A battle for who sits on mom's lap!

Chico Kitteh thinks he's going to win tonight but he's wrong... as kitteh are wont to be!

Move along, you Chico Kitteh!  I was here first!

Maybe if I just ignore him... he'll get the message that way...

Poor Chico Kitteh... just can't believe that mom loves me bestest!

Must be a ruff life being a kitteh...  so, so sad!