Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Blues...

It's Monday morning...

It's pouring rain outside...

and mom's gone to work...

If you need anything, leave a message cuz we're going back to bed and sleeping until Tuesday comes around.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour!

Did you participate in Earth Hour?  We did!  Mom even took pictures of us in the dark.

We won't tell you how many times it took to get ourselves in the shot!  Mom says it's pretty difficult to take pictures of someone when it's dark...

We tried to convince the mom that we should have a campfire to illuminate the situation. That suggestion was greeted with a big N O... sigh... sometimes the mom has no sense of fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My New Endeavor

I know I don't post quite as often as Sam does (probably because he's a blog hog...) but I do have something to tell you all about today!

I've taken up a new hobby!  I asked mom last week if I could try gardening this year and she said YES!

After much discussions, mom and I have decided to plant peas, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and onions!

Here I am helping mom get everything ready.

Sam has no interest in gardening but had to get his picture taken...

Once mom and I got all the dirt in those little cuppy things, we lined up the seeds to plan out the planting.

Then we had to decide what we liked and how many we wanted, we put a seed in the dirt and covered it up.  Then mom got out the watering can and got them all wet!  I thought she overwatered one of them so I drank some and even ate some dirt!  I'm hoping I didn't eat one of the seeds because I don't want a zucchini growing in my tummy!

Now that everything is planted and watered, my main job is making sure the cat doesn't pee on them!

Being a gardener is hard work so far.  I sure do hope all those little seeds grow!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!

Yesterday we decided that we needed to get with the program! So we talked mom into making a page on the facebook for us.

If you're on the facebook and want to be fans of ours, you can find us here:

Facebook Sam and Pippen

Will be back with pictures and stories tomorrow!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Did it!

Mom's birthday was yesterday and we managed to find the perfect present for her!

It's Squeaky Monkey!

We chose Squeaky Monkey because he is all SQUEAK!  Absolutely no stuffing!  It doesn't matter where you squish him, he squeaks!

Here I am demonstrating to mom the proper carrying technique...

We, er, Mom loves Squeaky Monkey!  We all think his squeaker will last a long time unlike Moose who is scheduled for a squeakerdectomy next month!  We're all quite worried about Moose but since his squeaker died, he just hasn't been the same.  Luckily mom knows how to save him....

But enough about poor Moose...

We all love Monkey and he's a great addition to our family!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Help and Advice is needed!

Uh oh!

We just realized it's mom's birthday next week and we have no idea what to get her...

In previous years, we always take her to our favourite coffee shop for breakfast - coffee and a donut! - then it's on to ALL our favourite parks.  When we return home, we have a nap and then it's dinner time and mom cooks us up some liver to celebrate.  After that, mom opens her presents that we bought for her.

Last year, we bought her a nice rabbit...

The year before that was a frisbee...

This year...  we don't know what to get her.  If you have any ideas, let us know!

PS...  Pippen and I are thinking of selling the cat on Craigslist so we'll have some extra cash to splurge on a present!

PSS...  Kidding... just kidding!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Syncronization at its best!

We are practicing for the next doggie olympics and thought you'd like to check out our form!

Syncronized Peeing!

In the field...

and along a path...

We like to do things together. 

We can do the other thing at the same time too but mom doesn't photograph that!