Saturday, March 13, 2010

We Did it!

Mom's birthday was yesterday and we managed to find the perfect present for her!

It's Squeaky Monkey!

We chose Squeaky Monkey because he is all SQUEAK!  Absolutely no stuffing!  It doesn't matter where you squish him, he squeaks!

Here I am demonstrating to mom the proper carrying technique...

We, er, Mom loves Squeaky Monkey!  We all think his squeaker will last a long time unlike Moose who is scheduled for a squeakerdectomy next month!  We're all quite worried about Moose but since his squeaker died, he just hasn't been the same.  Luckily mom knows how to save him....

But enough about poor Moose...

We all love Monkey and he's a great addition to our family!


  1. I am sure your mom loved that very thoughtful present.


  2. Yippee! I luvs Monkey! He's SO cute and squeaky looking. I'm glad your mom liked him, too. You both are Most Thoughtful.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  3. The MoST perfect gift. squeaks are the best!!! way to go. i know she loved it

  4. Ohhh we are so behind....First of all we were SO excited that Canada won the hockey game!!!( PL1 and 2 are Canadiaphiles and LOVE LOVE LOVE Canada and used to visit all the time before they got us.....OK now the birthday present is really quite spectacular.....She probably had to sit down when she opened it right? As for synchronized peeing?? WE DO IT TOO!!! Love A+A