Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tasty Thursday - Broccoli Edition

Mom sometimes has great ideas... other times we get blog posts like Tasty Thursday!

She tells us that she's going to expand our horizons by giving us new foods to try out and then we'll let you know if you should try them too!

Today's food is BROCCOLI!

It smells okay...

but it feels funny when it goes in your mouths...

Yep... it does smell good...

but not good enough to eat!

So the review from the Habitat is that we wouldn't eat broccolis BUT we would play with it!

Do you have a food you'd like to try but are too scared to?  Let us know and we'll give you our honest opinion!

Even Chico Kitteh says he'll help out!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just One Good Looking Dawg!

Now that Mitzi's gone home it's kinda boring around here...


You want to do a photo shoot?  Because I'm so good looking???

Do you really think I believe that?


Oh what the heck...  you'll just be taking them anyway...

Let me limber up first though.

Okay... I think I'm ready.

The serious Sam...

The 'I didn't do it' look...

The 'you're the smartest mom in the world' look...

The 'are we done yet cuz I'm getting bored look'

I'm always surprised at how photogenic I am!

I don't know why that should surprise me though... I am one good looking dude!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas Vacation at Sam and Pippen's House - A Guest Post!

Hello, everybuddy!  My name is Mitzi and I was abandoned by my mom at Christmas!  She is supposedly coming back to get me as she just went on a mini-vacation... I'll believe that when she gets back!

Anyway, I've been at Sam and Pippen's house for four days now and let me tell you... those boys are crazy!  Don't worry about me though... I'm a girl and I know how to boss them around!

At first their mom would take us all out at once but it was just crazy making for her - nothing that I did of course... It was all Sam and Pippen's fault.

As a matter of fact, she tried to sell one of us to a neighbour and they said there was no way they'd buy Sam but they would certainly take me!  That's because I'm so cute!

Anyway, whenever we were outside together, Sam had to follow me around and get in my business!  As soon as I used the facilities, he was there to pee right over mine!  He even told me why he did that... he didn't want anyone knowing a GIRL was staying at his house!

I thought that was pretty nerve-y of him so...

on Christmas morning, when he opened his present from Santa, I stole it from him!

I sniffed out his hiding spot for one of his yummy bones....

and I nommed on it!  I even turned my back on both of them when they started to whine and cry!

I took over Sam's nice and comfy bed AND made sure that I kept MY bone with me!

To top it all off, I used all my 'cute little doggie' tricks on their mom so that I would get the majority of the snuggles, cuddles and belly rubs!

All in all this is a pretty great place to stay!  It's loads of fun messing with the boys because they are total gentlemen and would never be mean to me in any way!

Actually,  I should tell you that I luvs these guys... they are my heroes!

I don't know if they've ever told you all this story but this is why I luvs them...

My mom adopted me when I was 3 years old.  Up until then, I spent my whole life in a bathroom and didn't get to go anywheres.  When I went to live with my mom she would take me to the dog park everyday but I was so scared that I'd hide in her jacket!  Every time I was there these two guys would be there too,  They wanted to be friends but I was having NONE of it until a couple weeks later... by that time I was getting brave enough to sit beside my mom on the bench.

There I was on the bench and the boys were sniffing nearby when one of their big dog friends, Wendell arrived.  This was the first time that I would meet Wendell and he was a BIG hound dog!  Wendell came bouncing over and tried to sniff me and I was so scared that I cried out... you would never guess what happened next!  Both Sam and Pippen ran over and got between me and Wendell and yelled some HBO words at him!  He was so scared that he ran off!

After that if I saw my boys at the park I knew I'd be safe so I wasn't scared anymore!  Eventually, I even started telling off the big dogs on my own if they sniffed me wrong!  I even scared three labs one day that tried to gang up on me... I'm sure they'll think twice next time they meet a Yorkshire Terrier!

So even if everybuddy else thinks they are cracker dog crazy... I know the truths about them! 

They tell me that my mom will be picking me up today to take me home again... I had an awesome vacation and would give Sam and Pippen's four paws up for great vacation destination even if they did smack me on the head a couple times!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Waiting...

Santa will be here soon...

I'm going to stay up all night and wait for him!

I just need to rest my head for a little bit first though...

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Visitor for the Holidays!

Our visitor for the holidays has arrived!

It's Pippen's girlfriend, Mitzi... and as you can see I sat back while they did the kissy greeting.  No need for me to get involved in all that stuff!

Mitzi would look positively huge if our tree was 8 feet tall but it isn't... she is a Yorkie after all!

Pippen has taken over her bed already but don't worry, Mitzi has taken over one of his!

Then we all headed outside for a little break.

A little double sniffing.

Mitzi already looks like she owns the joint!

She's a great addition to our security outfit!  With three of us, nothing will get by us!

Mom just keeps shaking her head and saying 'Oy! It's like herding cats!'

Now we've all settled down for a nap... and you know what???

Mitzi snores! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Are Not Monkeys!

Mom tortured us yet again today...

You'll never believe what horrible thing she tried to make us do now!

What the heck is this thing???

I don't like it mom.

I don't want it either!

Stop touching me with that thing!   It stinks!

You want me to EAT that???

Even if I close my eyes and pretend... it's still not a milkbone!

Even Chico Kitteh won't eat it!

Just because you call me monkey doesn't mean I'll eat a banana!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Foot Rub Edition!

This morning mom said to me, Sam... how would you like a foot rub???

And I thought, you bet mom!  Finally I've trained her to see to my every need!  I had pictures of a nice relaxing massage on the pads and in between the toes...  yeah... that's what I'm talking about!

Even a little kitteh cleaning would probably be nice!

But that, my friends, is not what I got...

Instead, this came creeping up on me...  OMG! I wonder where it's been?

After I gave her feets a good cleaning and de-stinking...

that foot rub turned into something pretty awesome!

Oh yeah... right there... that's the spot!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Nice Sun Shiney Day!

So it's December 20th today and here we are in Canada and it's +9 (that's in Celsius)... I decided that I'd just hang in the front yard for awhile to watch the world go by...  then I saw them... a bunch of guys in orange vests!

I yelled some drunken sailor HBO words at them to get them off my property!

Ruh Roh... I think they might have heard me... they are coming this way!

This truck was SO big we moved away from the street!

And then the pancake making truck went by...

and finally the truck that carries everything went by...

Mom says that they were filling pot holes... but what does she know?

All I know is I got them to leave and our house is safe again!