Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sudsy Saturday! and Walkies too!

So when you last saw us we were passed out from the after effects of eating the cookies that Puddles sent us...

This morning we woke up at the groomers!

Yes!  You read that right... The GROOMERS... as in 'a public baff'...

Some may remember that the last time Puddles got involved in our lives there was another incident that happened!

And that's not all...  They gave me a mohawk!

It's kind of hard to see in this photo but believe me, it's there!

Then we decided to head over to Esquimalt Lagoon for a walkie on the beach.

This way to the beach... it over all these big sticks!  I bet these sticks are just the right size for Tucker!

Come on, Mom!  You're so slow!

I liked walking on the big sticks...

and Pippen liked peeing on them!

I look kinda tough, don't I?

Let's check out what's over this way...

Hey, mom!  What's those things over there?

Can we get closer cuz I can't sees them...

A whole bunch of BIRDS!  Mom says they are ducks and swans... I says they look like dinner!  BOL!

Well, if we can't have one then lets go over here...

and back to the beach to smell the dead things...

Mom really like this stick in the water...

Okay, I've had enough of the beach... where's the car?

We finally found the car and headed home.

On our way we decided to stop along the Gorge for another little short walkie... (actually, Pippen had to go pee again)

I like looking over the edge to see if there's any SHARKS living in the water...  mom says no sharks live around here but you never know... so I always like to check!

Pippen only gets so close to the edge... he's a little bit chicken.

and while we're looking at the waters... mom is taking pictures of the strange looking trees!

So that's our Saturday morning!

Just remember... if Puddles sends you a parcel, you will probably most likely go to the groomers for a baff...  I don't know how she did it but it happened!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fretful Friday!!!

Pip!  Pip?  Are you there???

I don't feel so good after eating those cookies from PUDDLES...

Pip... I think she might have laced them with kool-aid...  part of me feels out of focus... if that makes any sense.  Almost like the world is doing zoomies but I'm in slo-mo...  Pip...  are you listening to me???

Sam... I hear ya, bro... I'm purdy sure that Puddles did lace the cookies with the kool-aids... the yellow and the pink kinds...  I'm feeling a bit queasy...  Oh why didn't we think with our heads and not our tummies???

I gots to lay down for awhile... maybe the world will slow down a bit...

Hopefully, this is all that will happen to us and nothing else will transpire...

Why, oh why, couldn't she have just sent us a dead goat like she did Tank???

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Thriller!!!

Duh...Duh... Dun...!!!

This is a WARNING!!!!

The following blog post is not suitable viewing for all audiences!

Some disturbing images follow!


So now that you've all been warned appropriately...  we begin our story...

When mom got home today, she noticed that the screen door was opened a little bit...

we were going to say that it was a jar but that would have been really dumb...

Anyways... back to the story...

She thought that someone had been playing with the door and broke or something like that but when she opened it, there was a parcel!

When she opened the front door and came in she immediately put it on the floor so we could see who it was from....


Should we be worried?  What could it be???

We was so worried we almost made puddles of our own!

On closer inspection, I detected a favourable aroma coming from it...

and no ticking!

I gave the A-OK to open the parcel...

OMD!!!  Can you believe this?

Do you think this stuff is poisoned?

Good Golly, who cares?  This stuff smells De-Lish!

This is the only good picture mom could get of Sam with his loot!

He really wanted those donuts!

Look at him... licking off the icing and sprinkles!

and I got to enjoy some too!

Thanks, Puddles for the Super Fantastic Belated Birthday Present!

We loved every single bite of it!

PeeS...  Does this mean you like us???

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?

I need your opinion...

Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?

No?  Look closer... 

See those LEGS and FEET?  Mom has me pinned down so she can use the flashy beast on me!

Then she takes pictures of me looking goofy upside down...

And then turns them around so I look like an insane cracker dog!

And if that wasn't enough...

Then she tries to strangle me!


Maybe kicking her out of the bed and making her sleep on the sofa wasn't such a good idea...

When I get out of this... I just might have to call the authorities...

Monday, January 17, 2011

An Important PSA - Zoonoses in the Bedroom!

While surfing the net today, we came across a very interesting article that references a report in the Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal (yes, we are that smart!)

Anyway, it states that we should not be sharing the bed with two-leggers because they could possibly get some sickies from us!

Being the responsible two-legger owners that we are, we printed the article for mom to read and have now, starting tonight, instituted a new rule...

Mom sleeps on the sofa from now on!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To the Honourable Twinkie V. Twinkerson

I have hereby been authorized to offer you the following bribe gift so I can win Mango Minster for your totally stupendous work as the most honest and impartial judge the world has ever seen:

One month's paid vacation to an unnamed location so Pedro can't find you in British Columbia, Canada.

During your stay at our 5 star resort you will receive the following:

A quiet solitude where you only need to compete reside with two dawgs and one cat!

A wake up call at 5 10 a.m. each morning followed by a brisk morning afternoon walk carry on a white fluffy pillow.  Your personal servant will lower you only when you deem it necessary and so as to not cause you any undue stress will lift your leg as needed.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served on a silver platter each day and will consist of hot dogs, roast beef, chicken, squirrel.  Any or all of those will be served upon your request.

Your days will be filled with illicit puppy dawg dreams as you listen to the ocean calm your nerves and lull you to sleep. 

At the end of the day, you will receive a full body deep massage to rid you of any stresses that you may have experienced during the day.

You will not be required to bathe, have your nails trimmed or any other grooming done unless you request it.

This bribe gift will only be valid if I win Mango Minster is yours to redeem at any time.

I hope to see you at the estate for the sole purpose of slipping you some hot dogs.


The most insane cracker dog around named Sam!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Quiet Evening at the Habitat

When mom gets home from work we immediately go out for our walk.  Then we get back home and...

We have our cookies...

We make sure to chew each bite 30 times so it's more digestible... or something like that.

After our cookies, Sam and I have a little game of bitey face... which sometimes deteriorates...

because of an insane cracker dog...  a face only a mother could love!

Then mom gives me pats and tells me I'm a good boy while...

Sam finds a chewy and gets to work.

Chico Kitty sees that we are all having loads of fun without him, so he tries to get some licks in too.

Then while mom distracts Sam by wrastling, I manage...

to steal the chewy for my own enjoyment!  But while that's happening, look what's going on at the back...

AAAAHHHH!  The kitty is licking my butt!

Holy cat crap... how embearassing is that?

Okays...  I thinks I might need to lie down for a while...