Monday, December 30, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day!

Santa stopped by last night and boy, did he leave a bunch of stuffs for us!  Doggie treats and Kitteh treats too!  You can see Chico Kitteh and Kitteh Sister Daisy on our bed enjoying their catnip hearts that Santa left for them.  You'll also notice that there are two GOOD dawgs sitting nicely for mom to take a picture!

The kittehs were both out of control today... thinking that Santa left them a nice bed to sleep on!

We don't think so, kitteh!  Enjoy it while you can cuz tomorrow that bed is ours!

After we opened our presents, we went for a nice walkie to see the sunrise.

And then it was back home for more treatsies!

We'll be resting for the afternoon so that we'll have energies to eat more treats later on!

This Christmas celebrating stuff is HARD work!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dreaming of Christmas!

So there I was... taking a nap on the new dog bed that I found under the Christmas Tree.

I made myself comfy on the 'good for you' orthopedic bed and started to dream about the thing that I wanted most from Santa...

Milk Bones... lots and lots of Milk bones.

Butt then as I slipped deeper into sleep, my dreams of Christmas became a nightmare!

I dreamed that all I got from Santa was a bunch of poop bags!  And they weren't empty!

All I can say is that I'd better be getting the Milk Bones and not the other!

Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  And we hope you gets whatever you are hoping for and NOT a bunch of stinky poop bags!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today I Am TEN!

Today is my 10th Birthday!

To celebrate, we took a special walkie at the park and we were lucky enough to see two peacock!  It's a good thing they was behind the fence or we might have eaten them!

Erm... maybe we spoke too soon... looks like they are following us!  Maybe they want to eat us!

We decided to get away from the peacocks and took a little walkie through the park.

But look what was waiting for us when we got back to the car!  

We told mom that it was high time to get in the car and head to the best place on earth!

The dog food store!

Pippen and I did some good sniffing and decided on a few things for my birthday dinner later on.

Now we gots to rest up for the pawty tonight!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Christmas Tree Tale

Does anybuddy want to hear A Christmas Tree Tale?

Once upon a time, in a living room far, far away there stood a Christmas Tree.  It wasn't your ordinary, everyday Christmas Tree because there were pumpkins and lions...

angels and froggehs...

and lobsters and scotties living in the tree.

One of the inhabitants, recently acquired, is a sparkly green dachshund.  As you can imagine, this dachshund was a total trouble maker!

No matter what was done or where the doxie was place, havoc would be had!  Even moving her near the Labrador Angel had no effect...

She was then moved near the bear and the squirrel.  All the doxie could think about was deading the squirrel, certainly not a very good example of the Christmas Spirit!

She was then moved to the floor with some of the other ornaments 'too big' for the tree.  Once again, havoc ensued as the doxie harassed and harangued the kitteh stuffie!

There was only one place left for the troublemaker dachshund...  the back of the tree where no other ornaments were hung!

After a couple days of relative peace and quiet, an inspection was made to see if all was okay with the dachshund.  Imagine the surprise when we saw that there, just above the Sparkly Green Dachshund, was an Angel Yorkie!

The moral of this story?

Never hang a dachshund on a Living Room Christmas Tree  unless you have a special yorkie angel to hang too!

Hope you all liked our Christmas Tree Tale!