Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring has Arrived... Again!

Just a few days ago, our street looked like this but what with Victoria being Victoria...

We are pretty much back to normal with the green grass taking over once again!

There's still some areas with snow but we are doing our part by leaving pee-mail there to help it melt.

and we are seeing some weird snow circles...

And look at this!  The crocus has survived!  Amazing!

This is a fantastic omen because the annual Victoria Flower Count starts tomorrow.

We'll be able to count these flowers numerous times so that we can say we've seen 30,000 blooms (10,000 for each of us!)

So for the next week, I'll be sitting outside looking for flowers to count...

I wouldn't want to miss any that might pop up suddenly!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Snow Report!

Hey all!  Thought I'd check in with you and let you know that the snow is STILL here!

Worse yet they are predicting more today.  Then we will be in a warming trend with rain starting tomorrow and going through most of next week.  We should be back to normal west coast weather shortly.

I'm reporting today from the backyard and as you can see mom's gnomes, rabbits and rooster are all okay!

Pippen is still in the house... can you hear him crying?  He doesn't like the backyard for some reason so let's head out to the front and end our report there.

Some icicles on the tree outside our front door.

Here I am in my favourite spot outside at the end of our walk.

I sit there all the time cuz I like watching that house across the street.  The one with the white door...  that's where my friend Shelby lives.  She growls at me when I try to give her kisses so I know she really likes me!

There's Pippen, takin' care o'business...

and it looks like he's found some grass!

So there you have it folks.  Snow is still here after four days but it is melting and should be gone by Monday.

Fingers crossed it will be!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow is Still Here!

Mom managed to get to work yesterday so we didn't get to have a snow day.  When she got home we went outside to inspect the grounds.

The white stuff was everywhere!

It was so deep that all we could do was follow paths already made by others.

It wasn't even really cold out but mom said that in the morning all the slushy snow would be ICE and would be hard to walk on.

Some parts didn't have very much...

Check this out... see my relentlessly huge water dish on our back patio?  Mom took that picture before she went to work.  And then...

when she got home...  it was almost covered!

Here's our patio furniture in the morning...

and then again when mom got home.  Yikes!

Here's our big tree...  He looks a bit cold!

And last but not least... Pippen was growing snowballs on his legs!  He wasn't very happy about the situation!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quest for Spring!

Hello, everybodies!

Sam and I have been reading about all your cold weathers and snows that you are getting so we thought we would go see if we can find Spring for you all!

So come along with us and let's see where it is...

Sam, I think we need to go this way...

I think you're right, Pippen!  It looks different over there...

You know what they say...  follow your nose!

That's right!  There's some pee-mail here that says that Spring is right around the corner...

but I wonder what corner???

Pippen...  This pee-mail says that we are on the right track and should keep going!

Come on then!  Let's get going... everybody wants to know where it is!

Sam, I really think we're on the right track...

What's this one say, Sam?  Sam?  Sam!  If mom found out you're reading those kinds of pee-mails you'd be in lots of troubles!  Come on!

Okay... look at the sky today!  and check out that weird tree...

Hmmm.... what's this?

Sam!  This way... it's over here!

I know right where to look...

Mom?  Is this it?  Is this Spring?

Yep, there you have it!  Mom says that purple flowers are ALWAYS the first sign of Spring!

By our calculations, it should be getting to your place in about a month!

Stay warm until then, everybody!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Attack of the Killer Bee!

I might be a little dog...

and I might be an adorable dog...

but as some of you may know, I've killed a bear and I've killed a snake...

So you would think nothing else would DARE to enter our house...




Some of the photos are disturbing!


Yesterday we went out for our usual walk and noticed that it was very springlike.  We loved the warm weather!  But when we got home we saw this buzzing around...

and it was going right for mom!

I'm not sure she should have been using the flashy beast on it...  He became enraged!

Luckily, the flash stunned him and made him cross-eyed so mom could get away.

Then he saw me!

He obviously didn't hear about my awesome reputation on killing relentlessly huge stuffies because he tried to sneak up on me...

With my lightning quick reflexes, I grabbed him by the neck...

and then grabbed him by one of his SIX legs!

He almost got me with his stinger...

but I was able to grab him again

and finally subdue him!

I can only imagine what the next RH stuffie will be but I know that whatever it is, I will prevail and save my family as many times as needed!