Saturday, March 16, 2013

In Search Of... The Dragon's Lair!

Early this morning we set out on an expedition!  We had heard that there are DRAGONS living in our woods... of course, we had to investigate and maybe save the world!

Certainly smells like a dragon was here...

Check this out, Pippen!  I've found some more evidence... this looks like dragon droppings!

Yep, I think we are getting closer...

Look... there's a path!  It's going into the middle of the forest... to the dragon's lair!

C'mon, Sam!  He might be holding a princess hostage!  We'll have to save her!

Wonder what this place is?  It really STINKS!!!  Stinks like a DRAGON! 

Yoo Hoo, Mister Dragon!  Are you in there???

Come out, come out where ever you are!

Ruh Roh!  You know that saying?  Don't poke the bear?  Well...


to be continued...