Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Once Were Mountain Goats...

There's this one place we like to go on our walkies...

It isn't far from where we live.  In fact it's right near where our car is parked.

We hit the hill at the end of our walkie so that we can munch on some of the best green grass around.

Every dawg knows that the best grasses grow on the sides of hills!

Munching on the hill grass also gives our leg muscles a good work out...

not to mention our butt muscles too!

Intense concentration is needed to find the freshest grass...

and you gots to make sure that no other dawg or kitteh's been there beforehand, if you know what I mean!

Don't forget to remain vigilant about your surroundings... other dawgs may find the good grasses by spying on you!

This here is my favourite patch of hill grass.  It isn't to high... and not too low.

Just right in the middle and it's the greenest and freshest around.

And I just gotta say, I look awesome sitting on the side of a hill!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Boys Do...

We went for a nice long walkie today, it was totally sunny out and looks like spring is right around the corner.

When we go out for walkies mom has one big complaint and it isn't even about how much pee-mail we sniff!

She complains about all the pee-mail we LEAVE!

Can you imagine?

She finds it hard to believe that we have THAT much in us!

She wants to know how long we store it...

C'mon, mom...

We're BOYS...

That's what we do!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bad Dog!

After we go for our walkie, Sam never wants to go into the house...

He always has to sit at the end of the walk and watch the world go by.

See here?  Mom's telling him to come in and look what he does...

'neener, neener, mom... I'm not coming in!'

How rude he is sometimes!  Just makes me mad!

So I go and tell him exactly what I think of him!

I knock him down... tell him who the real boss is!

Sometimes he thinks he can fight me.

but then I get to chasing him...

And he goes running to the door, crying to be let in... 

before the scary schnauzer gets him!

Friday, February 24, 2012



I got into this cat bed to rest...

Little did I know it would steal my body!

Whatever am I going to do?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Patrol!

It was wet and rainy yesterday but that doesn't mean I can take a day off...

Patrolling the street is a top priority for me!

You gotta look right...

and left...

What's that?  Birds coming from the North...  They look okay.

Looks like it gonna be a quiet shift for me today... 

WHAT?  What is that?

Here it comes!

I have to maintain my cool...  show no fear!

Keep moving, yellow truck.  Keep moving!

Sam's on duty today... there's nothing you need to see here.

Yep, hard work keeping the 'hood safe but somedawg hasta do it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking Pictures

Do you ever wonder why there aren't more pictures of Pippen?  First of all, he's not very photogenic... but most important of all, he doesn't like the hugging.

For some reason, mom likes to take these pictures of us.  My fabulous face front and centre and then just her unruly mop of hair showing.

Oh lookee... part of one eye is showing!

What can I say?  She's kerazy...

Oh CRAP!  Maybe this is why Pippen hates the hugging...  Too tight, mom TOO TIGHT!  I can't breathe...

I know what you're thinking... look Sam's mom is smiling!  Not so!

That's actually a grimace... working a flashy beast takes up most of her mentals.

Sometimes, I think Pippen is a lot smarter than he lets on...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Visiting with Auntie!

Yesterday we went to visit our Auntie C...  she thinks I'm the BEST doggie in the whole world and gives me as many cookies as I want!

It's nice to have at least one two-legger trained to meet your every need!

We hung out while mom and auntie visited and talked and talked! 

Occasionally, I had to remind auntie to give me a cookie...

Hey!  Stop talking mom and hand over the cookies! 

And then when I thought I was about to die of starvation, mom and auntie left the room...

and that means only one thing...

Get up on the dining room table and get the cookies myself!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Note To Allred!

Enough is ENOUGH!

You've stepped over the line, dude!

You've messed with my friend, Tank long enough!  Sure, we wanted to see him look like a squirrel too (we really like his perky little ears!) but now I've been slapped with some green goo!

I've had to have a bath!  And that's just totally unacceptable!

I've got my eye on you, you mangy looking, sad excuse for a feline...

I'm coming for you!

I've already dug the hole that I'm gonna put you in!

Neener, neener, neener...

Itty, bitty, kittehs ain't gonna scare me!