Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Photo Sessions!

Every once in a while, Mom has these grandiose ideas to get us all together to take our pictures....

Sam laughs in the face of such ideas!  Ha!

Okay... sorry!  Let's be serious.  One foot forward, Chico Kitteh and look at the camera with disdain.


Not sure what's going on with this... Chico Kitteh gets top billing?  Kerazy!

See that lamp behind us... the one that looks like a lit up mummy?  Mom got two of those from a dumpster dive.  Some days she makes us proud... other days, not so much!  Anywhooo... back to the photos.

Pippen decided to join in the fun, or rather mom picked him up and plonked him beside us.

Her three best boys.  The most handsomest in the land!

And if you're wondering why our sister, Crazy Daisy, isn't in the pictures... well.... 

Would YOU want to sit next to this???

We're kinda worried that she's going to get an axe and stick her head through the door one day and meow, "Here's Johnny!"