Monday, November 28, 2011

The Fight for the Lap!

The following photos may shock some of you doggies out there and I'm here to assure you that these ARE NOT REAL photos.

I will admit that I was snuggling with mom on the sofa when a weird orange ball of fur pushed me off of her lap!  This part is totally true...

This might look like I'm snuggling with the interloper but this is obviously photoshopped...  resting my head on a kitty would cause the transference of kitty cooties to my doggie furs.  That's not something I would risk!

Just the thought of cootie transference gives us both the heebeejeebees!

No! No! NO!

Whatever you may think this is NOT a photo of me about to give the kitteh a kiss...  that would be just gross!

Really... I don't even like him! 

He is a good block heater on those cold winter nights, though...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Adventure!

So mom told us this morning that we were going to go see the 'big guy in red'...  Who the heck is that we wondered?!?

We checked the pee-mail... he hadn't been here!

Maybe he's in Starbucks???

Is he hiding under these leaves???

I think I smell reindeer poop over here!

Uh Oh!  Do you see what I see???

He wasn't ready to see us yet so we went into the store to look around and look what we saw!  A kitteh!  He was all brave and stuff, meowing at us through the glass door.  Hope he finds a home for Christmas!

Then it was time!  We went to see the man himself!  We were the fourth doggies in line and by the time we were finished there were almost a gazillion more doggies there!  Good thing we were early.

Mom's friend took this picture but we couldn't use the flashy because it messed up the official flashy beast so it's a little dark and grainy...

I didn't really want to sit with him but he had cookies and Pippen was totally not into it.  We got a photo each by ourselves with Santa and then together - that's a total of three pictures!

Don't even ask mom about getting us to sit nice - she said something about herding cats would've been easier!

And that's not all!  Santa was nice enough to give us gift bags!

We each got one and they had lots of loot in them...

We even got stockings for mom to fill up for the official day.  We gots three different treat samples, a calendar, a frisbee, poop bags, coupons and a couple other things...

Now that that adventure is over...

we're going to have a nap!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soccer Match Sunday!

Mom went out with some friends yesterday afternoon to a cat rescue sale.  She only bought a few things and said that they even had kittens there!

One thing she bought was this awesome soccer ball stuffie - it cost her 50 cents!

Chico said that since it was from the cat rescue sale it was obviously for him!

Don't even think about it dude!  It's mine! 

Chico totally tried to steal it away from me but I have some awesome moves...

Then he changed tactics and snuck up behind me and tried to get it again! 

I told him in no uncertain terms to move away from the ball!  Despite all my efforts to keep the ball to myself...

Someone always takes over!  Look at the crazy look in his eye - nobody wants to mess with the crazy dog!

Once he got it he wouldn't let anyone else have it... even mom!

He even had to take it outside on our walkie later on.

We're planning on another match later today...  I'm hoping to get it away from him and keep it for myself!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Annoying!

Sometimes at night, while mom is watching TV, I'll go sit with her.  Usually I can trust her to behave herself, especially if she's been working that day.  Lately though, it seems she's up to no good! 

For some reason she keeps the flashy beast next her on a shelf near where she sits to watch the TV.

Last night, I sat next to her, facing the TV... do you know what she did next?  Started blowing at my ears!

And when I turned around... FLASHY!

I told her to stop it! but she said that she's trying to get the 'over-the-shoulder sexy look...

Maybe if I do a 'Billy Idol' snarl she'll take the hint???

No???  How about a little tongue action??


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Searching for Wolverine!

Today we got up bright and early and went to the groomers!  Mom fooled us again by saying we were going on an adventure and then where do we end up?  Getting baths and haircuts!

But then when she picked us up, she said that we would go to Hatley Park. We weren't too excited until she said that is where Wolverine and all the X-Men live!

Holy Macaroni!

Doesn't look like anyone's around... maybe they are all sleeping in.

Let's see if we can get closer!  Somebuddy must be home! 

This is where I slipped and fell into a pile of goose poop!  Totally wasn't my fault...  I would NEVER do something like that right after being to the groomers!

Actually... does anyone else notice the 'ghost-like' presence behind me?  Maybe I was pushed!

Hey!  I see peoples!  Is that Storm or maybe that dude that always wears the sunglasses...

Come on, Mom!  Let's check the place out...

This place is kinda nice... really quiet considering it's supposed to be a school.

There's the front door... mom didn't want to get any closer in case dogs weren't allowed.  

There's all the offensive geese!  Don't poop on the grass you smelly geese!  Innocent and clean doggies can slip in that stuff you know! 

You should have heard them honking at us!

and down the steps to the ocean.

We didn't go down to the ocean... just ran around the field some more. 

Just check out the goose poop all smushed into my neck!

Mom even had the nerve to tell me I stunk!

and you'll never guess what happened when we got home...

ANOTHER bath!  

Two baths in one day is more than any dog should have to endure!

We never saw Wolverine or any of the other X-men or the students.  Mom says that we'll go back again another day to see if they are home.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Checking In On Our Friends!

It's that time of the day again...

Time to check in with a our friends on Facebook.

Wonder what Tank is up to today?

Hey!  Look at that...

He's got 147 people that like him.

Wonder what our number is again???

Oh Yeah...  216!

Ah hahahaha!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Totally UNFAIR!!!

It's totally unfair...

Now that it's November, I like to sit with the patio door open.

It's nice and cool....

Mom says that it's FREEZING and that her toes are about to fall off!

So she makes me close the patio door and that means there's only one thing left to do...

Have a nap!

But now she's complaining that I'm hogging the sofa...

and the blankets...

AND I'm snoring too loud!

I think she needs to go back to work!