Saturday, November 12, 2011

Searching for Wolverine!

Today we got up bright and early and went to the groomers!  Mom fooled us again by saying we were going on an adventure and then where do we end up?  Getting baths and haircuts!

But then when she picked us up, she said that we would go to Hatley Park. We weren't too excited until she said that is where Wolverine and all the X-Men live!

Holy Macaroni!

Doesn't look like anyone's around... maybe they are all sleeping in.

Let's see if we can get closer!  Somebuddy must be home! 

This is where I slipped and fell into a pile of goose poop!  Totally wasn't my fault...  I would NEVER do something like that right after being to the groomers!

Actually... does anyone else notice the 'ghost-like' presence behind me?  Maybe I was pushed!

Hey!  I see peoples!  Is that Storm or maybe that dude that always wears the sunglasses...

Come on, Mom!  Let's check the place out...

This place is kinda nice... really quiet considering it's supposed to be a school.

There's the front door... mom didn't want to get any closer in case dogs weren't allowed.  

There's all the offensive geese!  Don't poop on the grass you smelly geese!  Innocent and clean doggies can slip in that stuff you know! 

You should have heard them honking at us!

and down the steps to the ocean.

We didn't go down to the ocean... just ran around the field some more. 

Just check out the goose poop all smushed into my neck!

Mom even had the nerve to tell me I stunk!

and you'll never guess what happened when we got home...

ANOTHER bath!  

Two baths in one day is more than any dog should have to endure!

We never saw Wolverine or any of the other X-men or the students.  Mom says that we'll go back again another day to see if they are home.


  1. That park is really pretty!

    You look so happy in that second to last picture with the geese poopies rubbed into your neck.

    Sorry you had to have 2 baths in one day though, how tragic.

  2. TWO BATHS!!! Yuck. Looks like a great place to run around and explore. AND very spooky looking.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  3. I saw the ghost in the picture Sam. You were pushed... no doubt about it.

  4. The old poop roll. I say, don't knock it till you've tried it.


  5. That place be haunted with goose ghost pushing you around. Wow... cool walkies but not cool on the bath balls. Your momma is a clean freak. My momma just let's me jump into a pond or lake to clean off and calls it a day.

  6. Sam,

    I see da ghost too, you was pushed into da poop! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Thanks fur stoppin' by today and helpin' us celebrate Max!

  7. We can sympathise with you guys, we're having baths EVERY day at the moment as our furtling grounds are really muddy! Wow, that photo is definitely spooky, we think it looks like a huge cat, now that would make sense ;-) Great to see you, love Dex and Louis xxx

  8. Hey Sam & Pippen that castle-y thingie looked way cool. We got our first bath with our new parents too. It was an adventure....but we were good puppies :)

  9. Hey Sam & Pippen! What a wonderful adventure...well besides the two baths in one day! You were pushed by a ghostie for sure, just look at the photo, very spooky! I wish you could have met some of the Xmen but I guess maybe they were all out saving the world or somrthing, that ghost like mist could have even been an Xmen like maybe Jean Grey or Storm!?! Those Geese look scary I cant believe they were all honking at you, stupid Geese making you smell bad! Fingers crossed for more adventures for you! Love, Licks and Pugs to you both, Frank xxxxxxxx