Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rainy Sunday

It's raining out today and it's Sunday so that can only mean one thing...

Lazing around on the sofa...

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd get up and find the remote because this movie is boring...  and I'd like to know where my water is - mom said she'd get me a bowl and then she disappeared!

Check out Pippen... if you all believe his tough guy story, well this should change your mind!

Yes, that is a C-A-T!  His name is Chico and we let him stay with us but we don't like him... at least I didn't think we liked him...

Rainy Sundays are the best!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sad and Desperate Plea!


As you can see in the photo below, my mom only feeds me one, yes you read that correctly - ONE kibble a day.

Please send cookies as soon as possible to save me from starvation!

Thank you in advance for your kindness...

Your friend, Sam

ps.  if you do send cookies make sure it's those duck strips, those are my favourite.

pps.  and I like those freeze dried lamb ones as well...

ppps.  milkbones are okay too...

Uh Oh!

We know!  We know!

We've been BAAAAD blogger dogs....  and we are very sorry!

In October we went on a ferry ride to Abbotsford.  I (Pippen) was real scared waiting to get on the ferry but once we were on I was totally chill.  Sam on the other hand, almost hyperventilated in the car when we were on.  I tried to be very supportive...

Just because it looks like I'm thinking he's a total drama queen, I'm not...  I was actually thinking, 'what a dork!'

Anyway, it was a pretty big boat and we don't remember ever being on it before even though mom says we have.

Here's a picture of part of it.

We aren't sure what part of the boat it is but we like the picture.

Here's some of the scenery.

and when we win the lottery, this is where we are going to live!

Isn't this one of the prettiest places?

So, that was our ride on the ferry.  Mom says she's staying home next week so we'll have tons of stuff to write about.

We might even see MJ!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


So earlier this week, our good friend, MJ, e-mailed us and said see you at the park on Saturday.  We marked our calendars and made sure mom knew what day it was and at the appointed time, we all got in the car and headed for the park.

No one was there when we arrived and we started checking the pee-mail to make sure no one had been and gone before we got there...
We headed out to investigate to see if MJ was somewhere that we couldn't see her.
No interesting news to sniff out here...  we're going to head on down this path, maybe something interesting there...

Nope, nada, nothing...

Looking for MJ is hard work!  I'm getting tired... Hey!  What's happening over on the naughty side?

It's a wedding!  Too bad mom has us leashed up, otherwise we'd go over and make her dress real pretty!
Well, we looked everywhere, high and low but couldn't find any sign of MJ anywhere!
Do you think she's afraid of our camera?   Maybe if we tell her we won't bring the camera tomorrow, do you think she'd show up then?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waiting for our new appliances

Today was the big day for our new appliances to arrive...

We had to wait a long time and we kept checking to see if they had arrived yet.

After a while we got bored so we discussed what we should do.  I wanted to go have a nap and Pippen wanted to hang out with mom.  Our discussion soon deteriorated into a full on wrestle fest...
"Mom, are the appliances here yet?"
Not yet?  Time for more fighting!
and then all of a sudden, when we weren't paying attention...
They arrived!  Mom said they were pretty and boy was she right!
This is the new black fridge and stove (with the new kitchen cart that fits perfectly!)
and here's the new washer / dryer!  Mom says they are a thing of beauty...
They beep ALOT - the first couple of loads we had to run and check to see what was happening!

Tomorrow, we're going to play with the stove!  Mom says we can make liver for dinner!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lady Killers...

Mom went shopping today and found us some new duds.

We're pretty stoked about them because they make us look like studs on the prowl!  Wait until the girls at the park get a look at us, we'll be mobbed!

Here's Sam in his new Hawaiian Shirt

Here's Pippen in his new button down executive shirt
Get ready, ladies!  We're on our way...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Just some Mary Jane love...

We cruised on over to our friend MJ's blog and found out that she won't be posting any pictures of herself because her dad 'took' the camera with him...  Knowing MJ like we do, we are inclined to believe that she packed that camera for her dad herself!

Well, we just want all her friends to know that we still have our camera and will be taking photos of Miz Mary Jane whenever we see her at the park.  As an added bonus, we'll only post the embarrassing ones!  Like this one:

Good thing our new camera has a wide angle lens... not saying we used it for this photo, we're just sayin' good thing it has one...
Here's another one with MJ wearing that hard hat:
We've also heard a rumor that MJ has a love affair with a stud on the internet.  We're wondering if he knows what's happening when MJ is out in the real world?
That stud of MJ's can't be too studly cuz it looks like that's MJ and Pippen kissing...

We probably won't be posting too many more pictures of MJ cuz when she sees these she's going to kick our bums clear across Canada!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sam and his Hats

Hey all!  It's Pippen writing this afternoon.

I know what your thinking...  and you're right - I am darn cute!
Sam isn't a happy camper this afternoon - he's upstairs sulking, er, I mean having a nap!
This morning mom wanted to take pictures of us and here's one of Sam:

He's a cowboy!

and then this afternoon at the park, MJ's mom had to bring a hard hat:

So you can see Sam isn't very happy that I'm posting these pictures but that's what brothers do!

Our first post!

Well, we've finally done it - we've started a blog!  The rumors are true that we have knuckled under to peer pressure from our VERY scary pitbull friend, MJ who has her own fabulous blog.

Mom bought us a new laptop and camera so Pippen and I have no more excuses.  Plus, we figure if something ever happens to mom in one of these crazy schemes she dreams up - we'll have documented proof of her descent into crazy...

For our first post we'll show you the new kitchen cart that mom made yesterday.  The drill was not needed so Pip offered to supervise while I had a nap upstairs.

About a month ago, mom went shopping on her own and decided we needed new appliances.  She bought a black fridge and stove to go with the bright yellow that she painted the walls.  Now when she bought the new stove she went all out - smooth top, self-clean, convection and slow cooker!  The only problem with it is that it is 30 inches wide - the old stove is only 24 inches.  That's not a problem for our mom of course.  All that needed to be done was removed the cabinet that was previously in between the fridge and stove and replace it with a smaller version.

This is the old cabinet:

This is the new kitchen cart:

and here it is in its new home:

Mom thinks she's quite talented!
Now we have to do the dishes and do some general cleaning in preparation for those shiny new appliances.
Thanks for reading!
Sam (the smart one of the family)