Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Uh Oh!

We know!  We know!

We've been BAAAAD blogger dogs....  and we are very sorry!

In October we went on a ferry ride to Abbotsford.  I (Pippen) was real scared waiting to get on the ferry but once we were on I was totally chill.  Sam on the other hand, almost hyperventilated in the car when we were on.  I tried to be very supportive...

Just because it looks like I'm thinking he's a total drama queen, I'm not...  I was actually thinking, 'what a dork!'

Anyway, it was a pretty big boat and we don't remember ever being on it before even though mom says we have.

Here's a picture of part of it.

We aren't sure what part of the boat it is but we like the picture.

Here's some of the scenery.

and when we win the lottery, this is where we are going to live!

Isn't this one of the prettiest places?

So, that was our ride on the ferry.  Mom says she's staying home next week so we'll have tons of stuff to write about.

We might even see MJ!


  1. What a fantastic adventure to a beautiful destination. You are two lucky pups for sure.


  2. I hope so...maybe on wednesday or thursday cuz the mama works two jobs every stupid day now...except wednesday and thursday then she is off at plan to see me...(mom is making me keep on my leash cuz i was trying to plkay with a little dog...)