Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Get More Cookies - A Tutorial!

Hey, Everybuddys!  Today Pippen has kindly agreed to show us how to get more cookies!

Pay attention cuz he's the master and I admit, I gots a lot to learn!

Okay... the first way to get extra cookies it to put on a pouty face.  To get an appropriately pouty face, I recommend thinking of something really sad.  For instance, I always think back to October 21, 2007.  You know what happened that day?  I only gotted ONE cookie the ENTIRE day!

Insert Pouty Face now...

Now every once in a whiles, the pouty face doesn't work and when that happens, I always blame it on the squirrels!


When the pouty face doesn't work you need to get out the big guns.  Make them know that you mean business!

Hand over the cookies, Lady, and the kitteh doesn't get hurt!

Try these out tonight and I guarantee you will get at least 5 more cookies!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Front Yard!

One of my favourite things is to sit outside in the front yard and spy on the neighbours.

The peoples across the street are always digging in the dirts...

Lots of peoples take their garbages to the bin at the end of the street.

Sometimes they do weird stuffs and I'm all like, "Whaaaa???"

Once in a while somebuddy will walk their dawg down my street and if I don't know them, I make sure to tell them who the boss is on Sam's street!

Then there are those times when the peoples just want some dawg loving so I gots to put the cute on and oblige.

But the worst are the teenagers and those skateboardie things!

SLOW DOWN you kerazy teenager!  Don't make me come over there!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Postponed Edition!

STOP the presses!!!  We are postponing this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday for a very momentous occasion!
Today is our brudder Chico Kitteh's 18th Barkday!

So we just wanted to say thanks for being there...  If you weren't our brudder we'd never be able to complete the tribumverate!

We wouldn't have anyone to lick us... sometimes in inappropriate places!

You might be a stodgy old man butt...

 You don't mind telling all of us your opinions!

Happy Barkday, Chico Kitteh!  May you have 18 more!  

Now where's the tuna???

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tussle!

One of my favourite activities is to sneak up on the Sam.

and bite his leggie...

just generally be a pain in the butt!

We have our priorities though... and we always stop to make sure no kittehs are lurking about!

and then the fight is back on!

I obviously won round one... who's going to win round two?

Sam's getting a little feisty!  Thinks he can beat me!

Yep... when the going gets tough, the tough call a time out!

Hey Sam, is that a kitteh over there?

Fooled him again! bwahahaha!

I'm going in... I'm gonna get it...

Let's see what Sam looks like with only one ears!

I think I hear someone yelling, "Uncle!"

Ruh roh... I may have pushed him too far.  Kerazy Dog Sam is coming out!

And the Sam give me a smackdown!

I guess the old dog still gots it!

But I'm still better looking!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans!

This morning after our early morning walkie and nap, we went out to do a patrol of the front yard.  We can never be too careful and must always stay on alert lest some nefarious character tries to infiltrated the 'Hobbit Safe Zone'!

Can you see what's across the street?

And Sam has spotted another one!

And now there's two in my sight!

This one came running over when he saw the other two...  They are totally up to no good!

He was so intent on catching up to his friends that he didn't notice us... until he did!  Then he was like a statue.

I kept my eyes on them...

and eventually they moved along.

This is a kitty free zone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Oh woe is me...  I have been abandoned...

Mom left me to go see my friend Solitaire and her 6 little puppies.

They are only two weeks old.

This is purple boy and he's the first one to open his eyes!

Mom took lots of pictures of him...

Mom says they don't do very much, just sleep and eat...

They also crawl around and squeal...

They don't seem very cute to me...

certainly not cute enough to abandon The Sam for hours and hours!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Dog's Life... It's Ruff!

Mom went garage saling early this morning and bought the Sam a crib mattress to sleep on...  and if that wasn't bad enough, then she decided to vacuum! 

She piled all the beds on top of the other...

You missed a spot mom...

This might look comfy to you butt it isn't...

All that noise from the vacuuming is keeping me awake!