Saturday, April 28, 2012

I've Had ENOUGH!!!

Usually, it starts early in the day...

The flashy beast makes an appearance.  I try to avoid it...

but there it is...

calling my name, wanting me to look at it.

I try to hide behind trees but it always finds me...

It lies in wait until I'm making a goofy face and then...


another dopey picture of Sam posted to the interwebs!

I try to sleep but it's still there flashing in my face until it happens...


The HBO words come tumbling out without any thought on my part...



I didn't know I had it in me!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update on the Ouchie!

I just wanted to stop in and let everybuddy know what's happening with the lumpy that became an ouchie.

Here I was on Monday and look how good I'm healing up... I'm not even scratching it or anything!

So here's what the vet man said when he called:

The lumpy is benign!  

He said that because of my breed that I'm susceptible to these types of lumpys and that they have to do with my sweat glands.

He said that I will most likely get another one but that mom shouldn't worry about it unless it grows fast or looks funny... 90% of these things don't amount to anything!

Isn't that great news???

So thank you to everybuddys that sent the good vibes my way...  They were pawesome and totally helped!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today's a Better Day!

I gots to say that today was a much better day than yesterday!  First off I didn't have to go to the VETs so that was a bonus!

After we had breakfast, mom sat me down so she could check out my ouchie... she gave me the all clear and said that it looks way better than yesterday!

We were lucky that it was a nice sunshiney day so we went for lots of short little walkies.

Come on Sam!  Let's get your butt movin'!
 Of course, Sam is always taking his time and wanting to do his own thing.

But once we got a plan of action in place, he was right there beside me all the way!

After all our walkies today, we would sit out front on the grass to cool down and check out what the neighbours were doing.

I was so happy to be relaxing at home... 

and eating grass.

I've got to admit that my ouchie really does make me look tough!

Maybe I should get an eye patch to really get the girls going...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a Day!

Today was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood but I had other things something other than the sunshine on my mind...

A couple weeks ago, mom found a lumpy on Pippen's left cheek so we had to take him to the vet lady.  She poked and prodded it and said that it's probably nothing but it had to come out.

She wanted Pippen to go in on the Monday but mom said she couldn't leave me home alone all day so we scheduled it for today.

Pippen had to go in at 8:00 am and couldn't have any thing to eat.  That meant that nobuddy ate breakfasts today!

After we dropped off the Pippen we went back home to wait for the phone call to come pick him up.

I tried to sleep upstairs in the big bed...

I tried to go outside in the backyard...

I tried everythingie I could think of to take my mind off of Pippen.  Nuthing worked.

Finally, I just gave up and waited....

and then it happened!  The phone rang and we could go pick him up.  We were both out the door in a flash!

They said that he was 'such a good boy' and that he didn't make a peep.

They also said that he wouldn't eat or drink anything that they offered but that doesn't surprise me and mom... Pippen is a suspicious guy and never takes candy from strangers.

Here he is with his big ouchie, he didn't want mom to take a picture of it butt we all know you can't stop the mom!

Pippen says he feels great and is most happy to be back home butt...

he's totally worried abouts the girls being scared of the ouchie scar butt I've assured him that the girls love boys with ouchies...  it makes them look rugged!

Mom says that the vet man that did the procedure will call us in a couple days to let us know what that lumpy thingie was and when we know...  you all will know too!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's Happening...

I like to keep an eye on what's happening....

or is what's happening, keeping an eye on me??? 

(you might hafta biggify the picture)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This morning we reminded mom that Baseball season was going to start soon so we needed to get some practice in...

and off to the park we went!

Once we got there, we check the roster for today's game and it was three little doggies...

Can you see them?  They came running at the fence, talking smack about how they are winners and we aren't!  Of course, Pippen got in on the action and told them not to mess with us!

And then the game was ON!

Here I am on second waiting for Pippen to swing... 

And he hits it out of the park!

I'm running to first!

And then it's on to home plate!

And..... he's SAFE!!!!

Sam and Pippen WIN!!!!  The crowd goes wild!

We haven't lost a game yet and you know why?  

We only play a half inning - we never let the other guys bat.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Long Weekend

Hey!  it's the long weekend... Mom's home for 5 days!  We're not sure how we'll survive!

What are y'all doing?

Maybe we shouldn't ask Pippen... looks like he's been smoking the funny cigarettes again.

Duuuuudddddeeeeee.....  Hope you have a totally groovy weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Now I'm Wonderin'...

Last week Puddles D. Rainwater wanted to know if anybuddy ever smelled their feets.  We told her that we never do gross stuff like that... like, really, I know where those feets have been so why would I smell them???

Butt it got me to wonderin'...  Am I missing out on something great?

sniff.... sniff... sniff...


What a stink!  I need to lay down to recover!

Note to self...  NEVER do anything the Puddles does!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stand Off of the Century!

There we were... sitting outside... minding our own businesses when we saw it...

Two doors down from our habitat.

An Orange Kitteh!

And he's looking at us!

Pippen's on guard... even has the right front paw in 'pointer mode'.

He's coming this way!

He looks like a mean kitteh... 

Oh no!  Now look what's happened!

He's got back up!

Good thing we're two houses away!  

...and lucky for them that we are on leashes or we'd kick some serious kitteh butt!

This stand off might last awhile...

if you gots nothing else to do, stop by and lets chase these kittehs back to their home!