Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Really? Halloween, Again???

It's FrankenChico...

and LobsterChico...

and one very angry SamBee!

Thank Goodness this only happens once a year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adventure Walkie Sunday!

Mom got us up early, early this morning to take us on another adventure walkie.  This time we went to Dallas Road.  This is part of the Pacific Ocean, it's called the Juan de Fuca Strait and those mountains you see there are the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

Mom comes down here sometimes just to take pictures but this time we told her we wanted to go for a walkie too!

Come on, Mom!  We is finished waiting patiently in the car, let's go for a walkie!

Alright!  It's about time!

We've never been for a walkie here and mom didn't think that Sam would really want to... you see a little farther down, hang gliders like to fly around and Sam is totally freaked out by them so he refuses to get out of the car.  

There's lots of nice grasses to see and pee-mail to smell!

There's also lots of things that you can't do on this path but lucky for us, dawg walking isn't one of them!

We were out early enough so we didn't see very many people and the ones we did see were very nice and stopped to talk to mom and even gave us some pats!

It was pretty brisk and a bit windy out but we like it like that, it makes us feel energetic!

See where all those logs are?  We might get to go down there to check them out! 

We both ran down these stairs but mom said we had to get our butts back up top...

so we both ran lickety split to the top!

Then a little farther on, we came to another set of steps and Sam did the puppy dog eyes at mom so we got to go down to the beach!

Look at how big these sticks are!

We both love running amok on beaches so this was lots of fun!

Sam is a top-notch rock climber and would have gone lots farther if mom could have kept up.

We played lots around there and then followed a path until we found a way to get back to the top and this way didn't involve stairs!  Mom thought that was a total bonus!

And then it was time to head back to the car... instead of sticking to the sidewalk we ventured off to the grassy bits.  In the distance you can see a white building type thing... that's where the cruise ships dock when they come to visit our city.

Mom's sneaking another purty photo of hers in...  guess we gotta keep her happy!

And now it's back to the car...

and a nice long nap when we get back home!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Morning Cuppa Joe...

So every morning before we go for our walkie mom turns on the coffee machine then when we get back she's got it all ready to drink.  Today we thought we should check out what this whole 'cuppa joe' is all about!

Holy Guacamole!  Mom can't actually drink this stuff can she?  This could explain a whole lot of crazy stuffs that mom does!

Yep, I'm gonna have to give this stuff a big 'pppphhhhhffffftttttt'

Take it from me Pippen... you don't want to get near that stuffs.

I gots to say... this stuff deserves a double ppphhhffttt!

What is wrong with the peoples?  Why can't they just drink nice cold, refreshing water from a bowl?  Wouldn't that make things so much simpler?

PeeS.  This is NOT Tim Hortons coffee, it's just in a mug that says Tim Hortons.  We're sure Timmy's coffee would be more pleasing to our sensitive palates!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Hike in the Woods

This morning we went on another long walkie with mom.  When we left the house mom had no idea where we were going to go so her footwear wasn't the best for this walkie... hopefully she'll know better for next time!

At first mom was thinking of taking a walkie along the ocean front but then decided to go for a woodsy trail instead.  We went to Mount Douglas Park.  If you click on the link you'll see a map of the park trails.  Of course, we didn't have a map with us but mom figures we started out on the Norn trail, turned onto Whittaker and then back along Harrop.

We aren't too sure why our lazy mom chose to do this as the trail starts out nice and level and the climbs rather sharply about halfway in.

In all our time on the trail we saw about 5 peoples and maybe three dogs.  Of course, all the dogs were big larbasized types none of our stature could be found anywhere.

Unlike the other walkies we've been on the past two weeks, I really liked exploring and hiking this trail.  there were lots of awesome smells to check out.

We even got in a bit of agility training!

As you can see the trail is starting to go UP...

Come on, Mom!  Get yer butt moving!

C'mon... not another break... geez, just when I'm having fun!

Even mom had to do some agility and we can tell you that the humans aren't that good at it...

We found this log so that mom could do a real sit down break cuz we were starting to get worried about her.  It had a real nice log that I could walk on and get some nice awesome photos.

After a break, mom insisted on continuing on... onward and upward!

Ruh Roh... Pippen wants everyone to check out his awesome butt muscles!  Hiking up hills really does give them some definition!

So we didn't reach the summit and now that mom has checked the map, it looks like we wouldn't have been able to get there easily.

While mom had another sit down rest break, Pippen and I wandered around to check out all the pee mail and other interesting sights.

And then it was downhill from then on.  You would think mom would like this much better than going uphill but all this meant was that she was able to screech at us to go slower and not make her fall down the hill!  Oy!  If it was up to us we would have run lickety split down that hill...  sometimes mom is a dead weight hanging around our necks!

We were all much happier once the trail levelled off and we could walk in silence and without the threat of mom falling on top of us.

Hurry up mom!  We can see the parking lot!

Hope you all liked today's walkie!  We're thinking we'll have to come back here again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Want to be Just Like Felix B.

On Sunday I watched in fascination as Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a capsule at the edge of space.  I wondered if I could do something similar so I've started training.

To begin, I jumped up onto this planter thingie in our complex.  It's easily twice my height so I thought this would be a good place to start.

Pippen has kindly agreed to be my training partner and as we get closer to the launch site, he goes over the launch sequence with me.

Things start to speed up... we're getting closer....  the acceleration rate needs to be just right or a number of things could go wrong!

And... I'M OFF!!!!

The landing is successful!

Pippen has checked the record books and I now hold the free fall record in our complex!  Alas, I did not break the sound barrier... this time...