Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Morning Cuppa Joe...

So every morning before we go for our walkie mom turns on the coffee machine then when we get back she's got it all ready to drink.  Today we thought we should check out what this whole 'cuppa joe' is all about!

Holy Guacamole!  Mom can't actually drink this stuff can she?  This could explain a whole lot of crazy stuffs that mom does!

Yep, I'm gonna have to give this stuff a big 'pppphhhhhffffftttttt'

Take it from me Pippen... you don't want to get near that stuffs.

I gots to say... this stuff deserves a double ppphhhffttt!

What is wrong with the peoples?  Why can't they just drink nice cold, refreshing water from a bowl?  Wouldn't that make things so much simpler?

PeeS.  This is NOT Tim Hortons coffee, it's just in a mug that says Tim Hortons.  We're sure Timmy's coffee would be more pleasing to our sensitive palates!


  1. Yeah....SHE has to have that coffee stuff EVERY morning. Just crazy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Yep -- Beth has that stuff every morning too....look out if she don't....ha ha!

  3. Deew Sam and Pippen,
    Same thing goes on at my house , only it's even dawkew and sometimes it's in a teeny weeny cup, but fow bweakfast Daddi whips up milk to put in it. hoomans awe weewd that's all I can say.
    loved yoow weview
    smoochie kisses

  4. I TOTALLY agree guys! I am NOT a fan of the coffee....el' stinko!!!
    Give me an ice cold bowl of aqua, maybe with a lemon wedge....



  5. Mj stands and waits for the almost empty timmies cup. But won't go near any other coffee

  6. My boys prefer the water in a bowl over coffee too. Just means there's more coffee for me - bol!

    Happy Howloween!

  7. WE don't get the stuff here, but My Vickie loves the smell of coffee when we walk by a backery or restaurant.

    I'm with you. I'll take the water.....

  8. if you taste it, you will run faster
    Benny & Lily

  9. Yea that goes on here too..... Ma has a very expensive coffee machine -she says it is her most prized thing in the whole wide world...... I thought that was ME!

    I'm second to a machine!!!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  10. Human rules of consumption are confounding. For example, momma doesn't see the allure of rabbit poop and she hasn't ever even tried it.