Monday, October 8, 2012

A Roving Gang of Renegade Kittehs!

We went for our regular Sunday walkie but instead of it being relaxing and informative, it was shocking and a wee bit scary!  We learned things that we aren't sure we want to know!

Be forewarned... this may give you nightmares!

Our walkie started out like normal but then we saw something...

he was just sitting there... 

watching us...

and he yelled at us, 'don't say you weren't warned!'

Then we saw this crow...  'Beware of the kittehs if you find the empty bottles,' he said.

Sam and I were all, like, WTF???

Until we found a bunch of empty bottles at the garbage bin that lives at the end of the scary alley.

What could all this possibly mean?

Sam and I had to investigate further...

Would pee-mail tell us anything?

We followed the clues further down the scary alley.

At the end of the alley we saw this sign... 



This an entrance to our complex... why would this sign be here?  Did the kittehs put it here to keep us out?

We continued on our walkie, not scared in the least and managed to find a way into our complex again.  After wandering around for awhile, we heard a bell ringing and looked up in time to see this running from the cover of the trees.  Did he think we wouldn't know he was there?

We decided not to engage the enemy for we did not know what was up... could all this have something to do with Halloween coming up?

Sam continued to walk with a purpose to his step.

And then... 

ANOTHER kitteh!  Hiding and ready to pounce on us!

What is going on here?  Are the kittehs plotting something?  Are they trying to take over our complex and run us dawgs out?

We don't know what the days ahead will yield but we are standing vigilant.

There's no way the kitteh army is going to win!  We are ever watchful!


  1. Be vigilant!!!! They look like they're trying to take over!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Stand your ground boys! Has ya'll talked dis overs withs Chicco? He may be in on dis plan withs your renegade kittehs.

    Ummm, there have been 3 kittehs on my porch in da mornings...could they be involved in dis plot too?


  3. Om my a kitty invasion. Have a lovely kitty free Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sam is very worried - he has been gathering info on a kitty uprising since he was a small pup...


  5. OMD! I'm glad we have you around to keep us safe.

  6. We have one that sleeps under Master's car. Do you think they're in it together? WE MUST UNITE!


  7. Oh my gosh! What an adventure filled walk you two went on! It seemed like a haunted house story to me and I'm sure you felt the same way! I hope you won't walk down that path again or else you'll be hissed at, I think!

  8. OMD!! We cannot allow this to continue!! There are renegade kittehs EVERYWHERE! They are tryin' to take over every neighborhood on earth!
    Doggies UNITE, and fight this kitteh invasion!!!



  9. Yikes, the hood is getting scary
    Benny & Lily