Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waiting for our new appliances

Today was the big day for our new appliances to arrive...

We had to wait a long time and we kept checking to see if they had arrived yet.

After a while we got bored so we discussed what we should do.  I wanted to go have a nap and Pippen wanted to hang out with mom.  Our discussion soon deteriorated into a full on wrestle fest...
"Mom, are the appliances here yet?"
Not yet?  Time for more fighting!
and then all of a sudden, when we weren't paying attention...
They arrived!  Mom said they were pretty and boy was she right!
This is the new black fridge and stove (with the new kitchen cart that fits perfectly!)
and here's the new washer / dryer!  Mom says they are a thing of beauty...
They beep ALOT - the first couple of loads we had to run and check to see what was happening!

Tomorrow, we're going to play with the stove!  Mom says we can make liver for dinner!


  1. wow those are really guys are lucky...we have a white fridge and stove...but we do have smashing red appliances as well...i am not sure about liver...i dont think mom will cook that for me...she says it is too slimey..well see ya on the weekend...

  2. by the way...your are in the same way as our and the doors drive my mom nuts...\BUT...there is a way to change the doors around...if you find out tell us okay

  3. Momma has total front load washer / dryer envy. Your mom will be in paradise for sure with all those fancy pants appliances.