Monday, August 31, 2009

Just some Mary Jane love...

We cruised on over to our friend MJ's blog and found out that she won't be posting any pictures of herself because her dad 'took' the camera with him...  Knowing MJ like we do, we are inclined to believe that she packed that camera for her dad herself!

Well, we just want all her friends to know that we still have our camera and will be taking photos of Miz Mary Jane whenever we see her at the park.  As an added bonus, we'll only post the embarrassing ones!  Like this one:

Good thing our new camera has a wide angle lens... not saying we used it for this photo, we're just sayin' good thing it has one...
Here's another one with MJ wearing that hard hat:
We've also heard a rumor that MJ has a love affair with a stud on the internet.  We're wondering if he knows what's happening when MJ is out in the real world?
That stud of MJ's can't be too studly cuz it looks like that's MJ and Pippen kissing...

We probably won't be posting too many more pictures of MJ cuz when she sees these she's going to kick our bums clear across Canada!


  1. guys got me good...and Mango and i have an understanding...we can see other people as long as we know we are each others #1...and can you blame me really....Pippen is a hot commodity at the doggy park....all the girls want him....and Sam you arent oo bad either

  2. What the heck? That guy is totally forcing my darling MJ to kiss his slimy face. YUCK! I will need to open up a can of whup ass, yes indeed.

    I think MJ's bottom is just right, thank you very much.

    Mango (the total stud dog)

  3. hey guys....tell your mom my stupid mom with be at stupid work to make stupid money to buy me i wont see you....she gets off at 4 today and 3 30 tomorrow...but you guys have a good time at the park and let me konw whati s happeneing down there....