Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our first post!

Well, we've finally done it - we've started a blog!  The rumors are true that we have knuckled under to peer pressure from our VERY scary pitbull friend, MJ who has her own fabulous blog.

Mom bought us a new laptop and camera so Pippen and I have no more excuses.  Plus, we figure if something ever happens to mom in one of these crazy schemes she dreams up - we'll have documented proof of her descent into crazy...

For our first post we'll show you the new kitchen cart that mom made yesterday.  The drill was not needed so Pip offered to supervise while I had a nap upstairs.

About a month ago, mom went shopping on her own and decided we needed new appliances.  She bought a black fridge and stove to go with the bright yellow that she painted the walls.  Now when she bought the new stove she went all out - smooth top, self-clean, convection and slow cooker!  The only problem with it is that it is 30 inches wide - the old stove is only 24 inches.  That's not a problem for our mom of course.  All that needed to be done was removed the cabinet that was previously in between the fridge and stove and replace it with a smaller version.

This is the old cabinet:

This is the new kitchen cart:

and here it is in its new home:

Mom thinks she's quite talented!
Now we have to do the dishes and do some general cleaning in preparation for those shiny new appliances.
Thanks for reading!
Sam (the smart one of the family)


  1. well i dont mind telling you guys that is is about time. Good work supervising pIP OLE BOY...i WILL TELLthe peeps at dogs with blogs about you so you can be added to our list...there are already over 1000 dogs blogs...anyhow...will i see you fellas down an OUR park later...

  2. It's a good thing though that you were persecuted by your friend MJ to started blogging...and the result is awesome. Look, you've got a thousand page views! :D

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