Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bridges and Alleys!

It's Sunday walkie time again!

So you know what THAT means, right?

Checking pee-mail...

Leaving pee-mail...

Doing some serious walking... 

Does any other dawgs out there have this problem?

Sam always has to edit my pee-mail... and does a spell check too!

Then he always adds some more... like mine isn't enough...

We went under the bridge and tried to run to the top!

But a car went over and made a lot of noise so we ran back down.

Then we decided to take mom down the scary alley...

There's safety cones here so what could possibly happen?

There's lots of awesome smells here but mom tries to keep us away from all the garbages...  no fun, mom, no fun!

We got through the alley in one piece so that means only one thing left to do! 

Leave some mail at the last pee stop and this time...

I'm adding mine to Sam's!


  1. Bella ALWAYS edits my pee-mail--sometimes when I'm still writing!!! She's even left some on ME!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I have been Waiting and WAITING fur you two to post.. so that I could say..... I love the pressie you sent to Puddles... PREFECT.. JUST PERFECT!!!

    PeeS.. Ernie TRIES to read all of my Pee Mails... hehehe

  3. Glad you were let out of lock-up to go out walking and peeing in your neighborhood. I would've peed on the orange cones... that's really what they're for you know.

  4. I just peed on top of both your messages.. hee hee

    PS thanks for getting me out

  5. My boys are funny in that they both have to pee on the same thing too. Doesn't matter who peed first, the other one has to pee on top of it. And sometimes, the dog who peed first will have to pee on it again after the second dog leaves his pee mail. bol

  6. Hello our little Hobbit Friends! Now pee mail, we are soooo good at that aren't we - no one can do pee-mail like a Schnauzer can they? Have a great week, dex and Lou xxx

  7. My brudder edots all my pee mail and it was important pee maill too. And one time, when I was a puppy he tried to pee on me...but luckily, mum caught him withs his leg hiked up in da air.

    Mum hads to wash my coat cuz I went out in da yard with it on and well, it kinda gots a tad dirty. I'm sooo pretty in it...hehehe.


  8. You guys must have been very busy with all that mail. Hope you left a few on those nutty cones
    Benny & Lily

  9. I really enjoyed following you on your walk, all those nice sights and smells and the pee mail of course, thats so much fun! I love to explore my village and enjoy it all! I love the photos, you are both so cute! Way to patrol the town - you never know when the evil Tank may be sneaking around the courner!!! Love Frank xxxxx