Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday!

We had the best weekend here in Victoria!  It was just sun, sun, sun and the temps were warm!

Of course that means a trip to the park and a bit of a swim.

I'd like to save that stick that's in the water but it's a bit chilly... will have to wait until the ocean is a bit warmer!

Then it's time for some beach exploration...

and then a bit of a walk...

Then Pippen is off to a rendezvous with is girl, Mitzi.

By the end of our visit at the park we were tired and ready to head home for a long nap!  It's reported that the sun will shine for most of the next week so we'll be out and about quite a bit...


  1. Don't be fooled by the sunshine. That water looks COLD. Enjoy the week!


  2. We agree with the Mango...We bet it is COLD COLD COLD..Archie wants to know if you two hvae been helping out at the Olympics? He thought he saw you on TV..Love A+A

  3. What a beautiful place for walks! But I'll skip the swim for now. ;)