Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Six years ago today, I put my paw in my mom's hand...

Even though I was just a little tyke at the time, I knew this would be a lifelong partnership.  I made some vows on that day that I'll share today.

I vowed to warm the bed for mom so she wouldn't be cold at night...

I vowed to always go along with whatever scheme or idea she thought up even if I thought it was a bad idea... (ferry rides!)

or a good idea... (getting a baby brother!)

I vowed to find snakes and mice before mom could see them and just generally keep her safe...

I vowed to make her laugh at least once a day...

Happy Anniversary, Mom!  It's been a great six years...


  1. awwwww Sam you are one special little guy,,,,i bet your mom is happy she dopted you...i hope you got lots of hugs and kisses....

  2. Six years? How wonderful for you. I can see that you are one happy little pup.


  3. Hello and thanks for visiting my bloggie! I wanted to run right over and say hi and tell you happy belated Gotcha-Day! It looks like you found your Most Perfect Home Ever. Both you and your mama are real lucky!

    Wiggles & Wags,