Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Almost Spring!

This has been the best weekend of the year so far!  First of all, mom took Friday off and has Monday off as well.  That means we have four days of her undivided attention!

Secondly, the weather has been fantastic, just like spring...

So we headed to our park to see our friends...

As you can see, mom's been drinking again... the trail isn't lopsided... mom is...

Anyway, Pippen's girlfriend showed up shortly after we did...

That's Mitzi...  Pippen loves the princess type of girl that needs a big, strong boy for protection and of course, Mitzi loves a big, strong boy named Pippen.

Not long after, our buddy Cole showed up.

and he brought his daughter Solitaire AND a new girl Breeze!  We were flabbergasted!

Solitaire is on the left and Breeze is on the right.  Those are some good looking girls there!  Too bad Cole's around because if he wasn't, I'd be making my move!

Soon after that, Mitzi invited Pippen over to her place.  She needed some help in her backyard so we hightailed it over there.

The only thing that would have made the park more exciting was if MJ had shown up but once again she was AWOL...  I don't think having a job is a good thing!


  1. I better not let my idiot brother see those photos. He'll be on a plane to your place in no time sniffing out hot labragals.

    On second thought, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.


  2. HAHA The first thing we thought of when we read this was DEXTER!!!! Whoo boy he would be there in a flash!! Was it hard to walk on that path being so tiopsy turvy?Hee hee Love A+A