Friday, January 22, 2010

Terror on the High Seas!

We started out early this morning so we could catch the 9 am ferry to Saltspring Island.  In fact we started so early, it was still dark out!

We stopped off at the bank and then went to Tim Horton's to get a coffee and our favorite donut, then we were on the road to the ferry.  When we were almost there, mom realized that we were going to arrive way too early so we stopped at our favorite park for a quick walk.

Even with a fifteen minute walk, we were still the first ones to arrive for the ferry!

Are we getting on that ferry?

And so the terror on the high seas begins...

I told Sam not to watch Titanic last night...  Of course he hyperventilated the whole way there!

But we got there in one piece and got to see how pretty it is there.

Mom got to see her cousin and made new friends, did some shopping and sightseeing and then it was back on the ferry for us...

And now we are back home, Sam has survived another ferry ride and I was the ever supportive little brother.


  1. i was on a ferry boat once...but they made me stay in the car under the deck so it was just like being in a tunnel or spent the whole time in the car with me feeding me treats...good times on the high seas i have to say

  2. Well we think you are very very brave to go on that MAJOR boat...and especailly after seeing the Titanic..Archie fainted just THINKING aobut it! Love A+A

  3. Have no fear, you have the skills to get back to shore. :)