Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Bedroom

Last year for my birthday, Mom bought a townhouse and we all moved in.  I didn't think she could top that birthday present this year but, guess what???  She did!  I got my own bedroom redecorated and everything!

This is what my bedroom looked like when we moved in...

In case you're wondering, that's pandas on rainbows for the wallpaper.  I told mom straight up that that had to go!  Way too girly for a stud like me!

And after a lot of hard work on our part, this is what my bedroom looks like now!

I even put my teddy and ducky on the pillow so I would always know where to find them!

I'll tell you I was so excited about getting a new bedroom that I would go in there at night before it was finished and wiggle on the bed to find the most comfortable spot...

I can hardly wait until my birthday next year to see what I get!

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