Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Puppy Sitting

 So here's the story...  Mom was off for three weeks and we were BUSY!  That's why we haven't written anything since November.

In early December, we got a new neighbour, Jake.

He looks cute doesn't he?  He's a Bichon/Shi Tzu and he's only three months old!

Jake thinks Sam is a great guy and for some reason Sam likes him too!  Which brings us to the reason these pictures are in our house...  Sam offered his puppy sitting services so for the first four days of mom's vacation, that's what we did.  We had to stay home and watch the little beggar.

He liked to hide under the chaise and do sneak attacks on Sam.

He'd run circles around Sam.

And do other unmentionable things to Sam... (good thing mom took a picture!)

Me?  I just wanted him to go home!  And eventually he did but he came back the next day...

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  1. Puppies require so much attention. No wonder your mom didn't have time to blog. I hope things are back to normal now.