Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Handle Boys - A Guest Post by Mitzi!

Let's face it girls, boys may be handsome and hunky but when it comes to the smarts department... they are sorely lacking.

I've been here two and a half days and I've already got Sam and Pippen doing my bidding... I might be small but I am mighty!

I've already taken over the sofa and basically the whole living room.  Sam and Pippen have been relegated to sleeping in the hallway.

When I do let them enter the living room, it is to pay homage to my mighty self.  I make them kiss my paws at every opportunity.

Another fun activity for me is to stand at the open patio door.  As soon as I know the boys are resting quietly, I do a little bark and they come running at top speed to rescue me!

Here they've moved me out of the way so that they can deal with the evil doer.  Of course there isn't one... and by the time they've figured it out I'm snoozing away on the sofa.

Hanging out with them on the grass is pretty nice too... we make a pawesome looking trio!

Butt even outside, I assert my dominance over them.  Take Pippen for example, all you really need to do is say the magic word....


and he follows my lead!

So there you have it!

I've once again conquered the habitat... until next time, hope all you girls out there make all those boys you know just who the real boss is!


  1. Nice work Mitzi! Looks like you've got it all under control!


  2. good job Mitzi
    Snuggles and snorts
    Benny & Lily

  3. You are my Hero Mitzi! Oh, the things I could learn from you!!
    I love the tips, keep em' comin'!



  4. Sam! Pippen! What the heck? Man up, dudes. Are you seriously going to let that little pipsqueak of a gal boss you around? The Mango is horrified.


  5. Ah yes...the old' bark at the door to get the couch trick. One of my favorites!


  6. You've got those boys wrapped around your paw!

  7. Super Dooper Pooper Post! So glad you have the boys in line and bowing to your every wish! A big paws up there, sister!!!!


  8. You is a spicy little thing! Keep making thems kiss your paws, it is worth it for the photos!


  9. You are very clever!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  10. Mitzi
    you awe a bootiful giwl and umm, we giwls do know how to wap those boyz awound ouw paws, but Sam and Pippen awe just too sweet and kind and handsome to tweat badly, so just go and give a hug and a kiss..they desewve it
    smoochie kisses

  11. Great post Mitzi!

    You sure has got Sam and Pippen trained, just da way it should be.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My brudder Max knows dat I am da boss of hims so no worries at my house. ;)

  12. Mitzi you sure are a naughty little minx, you are such a little cutie pie that I can see why Sam and Pippen are just falling over their own tails to keep you happy! You have them wrapped around that precious little paw of yours! I have my Pawrents wrapped around my paw for sure, but My Mum says that I got to stay away from the ladies till I'm a bit older (even tho I'm almost 3 and have been ... umm ...done!) Mum says b*tches be crazy! Bol! Love and Licks from Frank x x x x x.