Friday, April 8, 2011

Ruh Roh! I Did it Again!

So yesterday I mentioned that Pippen's new bed had a little hole in it and it was pooping white pellets... remembers???


Something happened...

It MAY have been because a dog was digging in the bed...

But, you know...  maybe not...


And as many as you see there... You should have seen me!

Have you ever been at the epicenter of a white pellet explosion?

They were ALL over me!

Strangely enough, none got onto Pippen...

They were in my furs...

In my mouth...

In my gums and on my tongue...

Mom got lots out of me and off of me...

I think I'm traumatized for life... or at least until mom calms down!

Do I look pathetic?

Whatevers you do, don't ask mom about vacuuming up those pellets...

It's likely to set her off again!

PeeS.  mom called the dogter and he said as long as everything keeps moving and I didn't ingest lots of them, I should be fine!  So I'll be getting some good treats now to make sure 'things' keep moving...


  1. Bwhahahahahahaha...hehehehe...hehehehehehehehehe! OMD...I cant's stop laughin'.
    Sorry but dis is just too hilarious NOT to laugh at.
    Who in da world would make a dog bed likes dat?


  2. Ruh roh, hope everything keeps moving!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Goooood Grief... did SHE just HAVE to take pics of your shame??? What is up with that??

    Now I am sure that YOU did NOT cause the bed to poop out all of that STUFFS.

    HEY... maybe those are Snow Eggs. OH NO>>>>> get rid of em... totally.

  4. BOL!!! Now, burn those pictures!

  5. Well, I see's a BIG plus to all of dis...jus tink of all da extra treats and good tings dat you'll get to eat!

  6. LOL!! sorry its not funny, but them things are bad they get in all places mom won't have anything in the house with them in, she thinks I will bit a hole in in just like you!!!
    Have a Good Weekend
    See Yea George xxx

  7. wow...that is kinda funny..but scarey...why do they make doggy beds like can order cedar ones from landsend...i think..or ll bean..i know it begins with an L...anyhow sam...try and keep out of trouble for a few days...the old girl is getting up there you know...

  8. Yippee I love new friends.
    Sam and Pippen thank you for stopping by to say howdy. You two are very cute and just about my size.

    Sam we are sorry but we LOL/MOL at
    'pooping white pellets'. Not only are they evil they are alive. Thank goodness all is well and you and mom took a chill pill.

    Are you sure there wasn't a mysterious feline in there scratching at the bed? I'm just sayin'
    Hugs Madi

  9. Sam
    That sploding bed must have been fwightening
    get some good west sweet boy
    smoochie kisses

  10. Oh-oh!
    Sure I hope you did not eat a lot of those white things!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hee hee I didn't see anything in your mouthers. Nope Nothing. All circumstantial.

    PS hopping cool blogger backgroun