Monday, April 25, 2011

I Gots Me a Job!

The other day, mom told me that she was tired of seeing my lazee behind always on the sofa...

She said I needed to get a JOB!

Well, I thought... I'll show her!

Yesterday, I saw the paper lady and I asked her if she needed any helps delivering her papers...

And she said YES!!!

She said she sometimes gets confused about which houses need the papers!

Here I am showing her that this is the next house...

Then I'm off quick as a bunny to the next one...

I'm going so fast my tail is flying!

See how nice I make her put the papers on the steps?

It's the attention to detail that will move you up the ladder!

And then I'm off again to get the next paper...

The paper lady says I'm the best helper she's ever had... EVER!

and she told me to make sure that my mom paid me my wages of a milkbone.

So far, my route consists of three houses...

Well, four if you count ours but I make mom carry our paper home!


  1. Gooood job, cause you're a goooood dog, yes you are, a goooood dog.

  2. Ver good job indeed, we aren't allowed to go near newspapers - just because we play tuggy with them - what's wrong with that, it's not as if we wnat to read them or anything! Dex & Lou x

  3. Good tinks you needs to get paid overtime wages....let's say, maybe's a whole box of Milkbones!

  4. Not to burst your mom' bubble or anything but, ain't we SUPPOSE to be lazy and sit around looking' adorable all day?

    Still, you are very slilled in your job.

    PS: Sorry, I should haves explained dat da squirrel hads to not be alive fur da recipe...hehehehe!

  5. Wowser.......good job!!! I think you are cut out to be da Donald Trump of Blogville....You will be making tons of greenpapers in no time!!!

  6. Excellent showed she thought you would never get a job.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Yeah, yeah my parents have suggested I get a job, but I say no way, not in this lifetime!

    Your pal, Pip