Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Treatise of Sam! 2012 Edition

So there I was sitting in someone else's front yard, soaking up some rays and spouting off about things I know nothing about when it hit me...

Nobuddy was listening!

There wasn't a soul in sight to hear my grandiose ideas about taking over the pet store down the street.

I wondered the wonder of all wonders...

How could the people not be interested in what I thought?  After all, I have grandiose ideas!

I was immediately overcome with the predicament of the peoples!  If they would not follow me... who would they follow?  I know there are other dawgs out there and some of the kittehs can give out a good meow once in a while but... is there anydawg better than me?

I have a plan after all!

Woe is me!

If the peoples don't follow me, I am afeared for the future.   I have heard tell that the Mayan peoples have said the world will end in December of this year.  I have the solution and can save all mankind!

Spread the word to your friends and do your part to save the world!

Act NOW before you can act no more!

It's sad, really sad to know that while the world is spiralling out of control...

I'm getting more awesome!


  1. How rude ignoring you, no one around to listen of all your words of wisdom, sheeeesh!
    Benny & Lily

  2. I can't believe all the peoples around you aren't hanging on your every word!

  3. Maybe people are so awed by your awesomeness that they fall into some kind of weird other-worldly trance which causes their brains to short circuit and malfunction leaving them virtual vegetables unable to comprehend your highly intelligent and well thought out solution to the impending end of the world. Just a thought.

  4. I'm going to send Betsy to follow you. She needs someone to boss her around and I'm just too tired.


  5. It is not nice that nobody there listen to you!
    No worries about the end of the world... the joke here is that it is not that the world will end next december... it was that they ran out of space on that rock...
    Aaaand of course.... you are awesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You know, Shiver thinks the world revolves around him. He really does! And he gets upset when he realizes that it doesn't.

  7. How dare they ignore you

    Stop on by for a visit