Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Typical Evening Outside

Do you have a younger brother?

Is he a pest and always bothering you?

Me too!  Just check out what happens when I'm sitting outside in the evening, minding my own bidnesses...

He bites me on the back to immobilize me...

then he pins me down...

grabs an ear and...

tries to pull it OFF!

Finally, I manage to get away... (thanks for the help mom...)

Then, as soon as I look away...


He attacks again! 

I've had about as much as I can take...

I do my famous, 'Pippen takedown' and...

he's finally on the run!

Run faster, grey dog or I'll bite you in the butt!

I run over to the neighbour's house... 

Maybe she'll let me live with her...

Rats!  Foiled again!  She's not home...

I'll have to make another run for it... 

I have him running scared now.

Gaining on him...

and I pass him!

The black and white dog wins by a landslide!  The crowd goes crazy!!!!

I think I've finally worn him out...

I think I'll just check out what's going on over here...

Pippen would never attack when my back is turned.

Or would he????


  1. I, too, suffer from an annoying little brother. Having a size advantage does help. Do I need to come and put the smack down on that little dude?


  2. Oh yeah! Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) tweets me like me was a chew toy....and he keeps tryin' to de-stuff me!

  3. Aspen, too, suffers from "ABS" (Annoying Brother Syndrome) and deeply sympathizes!

    The Road Dogs

  4. I'm glad I'm an only dog.

  5. It must be tiring - I only get that with Scarlet and Zoe once or twice a week!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

  6. I like to chase as well.. I don't have a brother or sister to chase though so I chase my daddies or friendly doggies :)

    Luna xo