Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Work Here is Never Done!

This morning it was raining here... this is what our sky looked like...

and did I mention it was raining?

Well, Sam was the smarty pants again and he went to bed...  I wanted to do that to but mom was 'busy' reading blogs...  This called for drastic measures and I went into the dining room... I never go into the dining room - don't ask me why, I just don't. I don't go into the kitchen either, I know, weird...  Anyway, I went into the dining room and looked at mom...


MOM!  Sam went back to bed to have a nap.  I think we should to go too.  Now!

Sometimes mom tries to fake me out and pretends to go upstairs but she doesn't and it isn't until I'm in bed that I find out how she's fooled me once again!

Now I don't trust her...

and I wait at the corner on the stairs to make sure she coming up...

and then I wait in the hallway, at the corner to make sure she follows me to the bedroom!

When she see that Sam is already snoozing, she gets in too!

Once I know she's all comfy and cozy, I jump in, get all situated with my head on my pillow and my back against mom's back...

and that's how I make mom have a nap!


  1. Peeps need soooooo much training and HELP to do the very much Easiest of thingys, don't they?

  2. Great work! It's a must to get a good nap in on a rainy day!


  3. Those moms always think they are such tricksters. We could figure them out and train them sooner or later
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hi, Pippen!
    Good job!
    I see you have trained your mom pretty well!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. That is pretty clever. I don't know how I would do that... I need to learn how to lure mom to her bed when she is hoggin' up the computer. Its hard for me to keep up on reading my friend's blogs with all of the time mom spends blabbin to her friends on facebook.

  6. Duh! They can't fool us. And when you are ready for bed, then mom should go to bed too so that everything is peaceful and right.


  7. Stopping by from the Blab Labs... nice to meet you!

  8. Oh, Pippen! You are very much smart. I need to take people training tips from you. It sounds like it took awhile (not all humans are fast learners) but you've sure got her trained good! And I hope you have a Most Terrific nap!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. What a great job you have done training your Mom! We are still working on Grammy. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't. Pippin has Papa pretty well trained, though. He knows Papa has to get up early and needs to go to bed between 10 & 11, so he starts pacing up and down the hall between the bedroom and the door in the living room across from papa's recliner. He'll stop and stare at Papa until he has his attention, and then walk back down to the bedroom, and repeat that until Papa FINALLY gets up and follows him. The Country Corgi Crew