Saturday, May 8, 2010

So here's the thing...

I know you think I'll be telling you some super secret thing about Sam...  but really don't you think he gets too much attention already?

What I'm here to talk about today is something that annoys me... somewhat...

and it happened again yesterday on our afternoon walk.

As I'm sure you are all aware, Sam is an attention HOG!

Sam is a HAM!

Whenever we go out, no matter where we are Sam is the center of attention...

Getting bum scratches, giving kisses, doing all his super de duper tricks.

And everybody loves it!

I'm not complaining, I think Sam's the man too!  And he makes us laugh all the time...

What makes me mad is when the new people say, 'what's wrong with the other dog?  isn't he friendly?'

It makes me want to SCREAM, sometimes!


Mom always says, 'Pippen is very friendly but he's more of a dog dog, not a people dog like Sam.  He's also a very serious guy that is protective of his Sam so he's making sure your okay and Sam will be okay.  Once he gets to know you, he'll be your friend but you have to earn it.'

Here's the thing...

Moms are SMART!  They know their boys just the way they are...  Moms don't want us to be like every other doggie out there.  Moms want us to be their doggie.

So don't forget that tomorrow is Mother's day!


  1. Oh yes! Moms are very much Most Smart! I really luvs peoples like Sam. But Brudder Ranger likes his "pawsonal space." I live for pets but Brudder Ranger thinks there's something wrong about peoples we've never met wanting to touch him.

    And that's okay that we're different. Peoples don't expect all other peoples to be exactly the same. They shouldn't expect us doggies to all be exactly the same either.

    Your mom is very much wise, for sure!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Idiot PeeWee complains about the same thing. Sometimes when humans visit my estate they don't even remember that there is any other doggie there but ME! no worries. My momma pays the little dude plenty of good attention.