Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Walks

Even though mom doesn't have to get up early on the weekends to get ready for work, we believe that the humans need a routine or they'll forget their training.  So, we woke up at 5 am and out for our walk!

Here we are waiting for her to get everything coordinated.

Today's journey will take us around the mall that's across the street, but first we have to get out of the complex...

Here's the busy road we have to cross...

Lucky for us, at that time of the morning, it's deserted!

We made it across, time to leave a little pee mail while Pippen makes sure mom made it across too.

Now it's into the mall.  Well, actually just the parking lot because they don't let our kind inside!

Over where those trees are there's a park with lots of paths to walk around but we don't go in there at 5 a.m.

Hey!  There's some guys on horses!

After walking for a while in the parking lot, we get to the nice grassy area.

And then it's around the corner and on our way home!

Pippen doesn't like walking on the sidewalk with the rest of us - he thinks it makes him look tough!

Now we are at the best part of the walk!  This here row of trees and lightposts is right outside of a large pet store.  So you know what that mean... reading all the pee mail!  This part of the walk sometimes takes us fifteen minutes to get through...




We're getting near the end of our morning walk so it's out of the mall and look both ways before we cross the busy road again.

See over there?  That's another big park across the other busy street... we'll go there another day.

Right now, it's down the road...

Back into the complex...

and home to bed for a nap!


  1. What a great walk, thanks for taking us along!!


  2. You two are a couple of early risers!
    It's nice you want to keep your Mama on a schedule. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a great walkie! Sometimes it's really nice to gets out there early before anybuddy else is around. Thanks for taking me along!

    Wiggles & Wags,

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  5. We are SOOOOO behind!! but we are all caught up on your latest activiites...This looks like a good walk especially the spot with the 400 pee mails...Love A+A

  6. We've noticed that a lot of our friends follow your bloggy so we thought we'd sniff our way over here to say hi, too! Your names really intrigued us as well... My brother's name is Pippin (not spelled like yours) and my name is Gimli, and we are from the Country Corgis! We have a facebook page too, and will be checking yours out tonight as well!

    Your walk sounded great and we love to go out early and play too, but Grammy REALLY GROWLS when we try to get her up to early as she rarely goes to bed before 4 a.m. in the morning... Gimli from Country Corgis

  7. Ooops... PS... Happy Birthday, Pippen, from Pippin, Gimli, Mercy, Dott, BG, OC and Sadie from the Country Corgis