Monday, October 24, 2016

After Work Walkies

Mom and I live in a neighbourhood that has access to lots of different trails and if we wanted to, we could walk forever!

Last week, we headed out after mom got home from work and took the Colquitz River Trail.  A few weeks ago we got to see an Owl!  Mom was super excited about that.

This time we didn't see any Owls or other interesting birds.  Just lots of leaves on the ground for good photo ops!

and random wood posts that other dogs leave their pee-mail messages on...

How much farther should we go mom?

Here I am, trying to contain my excitement at yet another photo in front of something...

Mom never likes me sniffing in bushes and stuff, she thinks I'm going to find a dead body or something and then we'll be on the news... "Woman find body while walking her dog"

Moms are weird...

I hope you get lots of opportunities to go on long walkies too!


  1. Earlier this year Blogger had a fit and took a bunch of followers off lists. We lost about 20 or so and we think we must have been removed from your list....crazy. Anyway, what a fantastic place to walk. SHE would have been excited at seeing an Owl...we would, too. We've never chased an owl. Also, SHE says it's those EARLY walkers who find bodies, so we can't go into the grass without HER!

  2. That tree is cool like a cave or arch
    Lily & Edward

  3. Looks like you had some fun on your walk. Our mom would love to find an owl on a walk.

  4. That OWL!! OMD!! Beautiful walk Pippen - you lucky dawg!


  5. We luff owls. So beautifur. And you go on such wonderfur walks.
    Your Furend in Vancouver
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  6. That owl is so cool. Hope you get to see him again soon. Beautiful walk!

  7. OMD, that is one pawsome owl dude! And your woodsy walkies look FABulous to me! Hey, don't ever miss a chance to sniff a good sniff..even if you find a dead body...BOL!! Wells, maybe your Moms is like my Ma, and watches WAY too many of those true crime shows! (you should see how paranoid she is now...BOL!)
    Ruby ♥

  8. What a pawsome walk! I hear owls in our garden at night but I have never seen one. Wonderful photo :-) nose licks and love from Moth xx

  9. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! We live in the best place ever, don't we? We had an Owl in our YARD! But then the people shone a light on it and it went away. Silly people. Enjoy your long Walks!

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  11. hello pippin its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a grayt playse for wawkies so kool and peeseful!!! we hav an owl heer too but its bigger and skarrier then that wun i think!!! ok bye