Monday, June 20, 2016

Tunnels and Bridges

So before I tell you all about my two adventure walkies, I wanted to show you what that kitteh does while mom and I work hard!  She's such a slacker!

Gots my photo taken in front of another totem pole.

And then we found this!  We've been here before but could never get to the other side because Sam would say 'No way, Jose!'

I think Sam had the right idea... but mom made me go all the way through to the other side.  It goes under the Trans-Canada Highway near our house.  Mom says this is a lot better than waiting at the light while big scary truck rumble passed us!

and this is what we found on the other side!

and a nice view of the mountains.

pretty thistles...

Then on Sunday, we went on another trail near our house.  Mom found a stone bridge across the river and wanted to go across it... I put the ixnay on that idea!

Just look at the bridge!  There's a lot of jumping to do and what if mom fell in?

Here I am on the wood bridge... it bounces a bit when you walk on it so mom was a bit freaked out by that.

and the view from the bridge...

Taking a break because someone got us lost!

and another bridge to go over!

Almost home!  The sidewalk on the left is the one that takes us home... just need to get there!


  1. Pippen?!? You did all that just from walking from home??? Bootiful, dude!!

    -Otto, who is melting in SoCal

  2. Goodness, you're BRAVE!! That tunnel looks super skeery to me, and those bridges?? Way to go protecting your momma!

  3. What a most pawsome adventure, Pippen!! That totem pole really compliments your gray furs and we think we would have been a bit scared of that big dark tunnel!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Dear Pippen,

    That looks like a very hazardous Walk you went on! But also very interesting!

    The Beach we were on was Cadboro Bay, by the big sea monster. There is one end of it that Dogs are allowed on anytime, even in the summer! It gets very busy, but with all the Cold and Rain and Wind it has been quiet this week.

    Perhaps we'll see you there!