Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dear Pippen

Hey Everybuddy!

Today is a special day and I just wanted to let everybuddys how much Pippen means to me.  Ever since I went blind, I know that Pip will always be right next to me.

He watches out for me, makes sure I don't bang into anything or step into any kitteh poop!

I know he must think I'm a big pest some days...

I'm always asking him where we are and if there's anybuddy else around.

Even when mom buys him a new bed, Pippen lets me try it out first!

He make sure I don't get too close to the road...

and he laughs at all my jokes!

He's just an all around good guy and I get to call him my brother...

So today I'm hoping that everybuddy joins me in putting their paws in the air and wishing Pippen the best birthday ever! 

Happiest Number 10, Pip!

I'm glad me and mom made that trek all those years ago.

Mom and I loves you lots and lots!


  1. Happy birthday Pippin - you are the bestest ever brother

  2. I will also be blind very soon. Do you think I can borrow him for a while???


  3. What a great guy happy Birthday kid
    Lily & Edward

  4. Happy barkday, Pippen! Welcome to double digits!

  5. Happy barkday, Pippen! Welcome to double digits!

  6. Happy, Happy Barkday Pippen!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. OMD, what a FABulous Brudder!!!!! You sure SCORED in that department, huh Sam?! I want to wish Pippen a most wonderful and Happy Happy Happy Burthday evers!!!!!! WooooHooooo!!!!! You should stop by and I'll make you one of my most FABulous margaritas!!! pawty!!!
    Ruby ♥

  8. OMD Sam, what da hell? I had no idea you losted your vision...I is very sorry! I do hopes you is adjustin' okays and all dat. I is so glad Pippen has been so good to you, he is an awesome brudder fur sures.
    Pippen, I hopes you has a wonderfful birfday with lots of cake and beer. And thank you for lookin' afters Sam.

    I has really and truly missed ya'll! Tells your mom hi from me.


  9. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Happy birthday Pippen! You are a very good brother to Sam! And very handsome, too! I hope you had a wonderful day, maybe with some bacon in it?

  10. hello hobbits its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy belayted birthday pippen!!! menny happy reeterns!!! ok bye