Sunday, October 27, 2013

To The Forest!

Another beautiful, sunshiney day here so we were out and about again!  This time we went to the forest.

We were early enough to be the only dawgs on the trail...

although we did see a dawg at the beginning and another dawg at the end.  We aren't sure what trail they were walking but we couldn't hear or see anybuddy else.

There's lots and lot of leaves on the ground.

We had to walk over a bridge but there wasn't any water... I know, cuz I checked!

Lots of big trees and little trees too.

They have places where you can sit and read about all the flora and fauna.  Being an intellectual type dude, I always make mom and Pippen stop so I can read everything!

It's so quiet here...  I think we are all alone!

I liked climbing up on the rocks and little hills.  I totally wanted to go off-roading but mom said no, it's too steep and mossy.  She's always worried about falling... what's a dawg to do?

More leafers!

Our favourite part... we gets to walk under this tree!

I think we are getting close to the end...  I can see the car!

and so ends another adventure walkie...

Now it's time to head home and have a nice Sunday nap!

Happy Sunday, everydawg!


  1. Looked like a nice peaceful walk. Sometimes it is good not have any doggies about as then you can have it all to yourself. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Ok I'll trade you 2 wheat fields, a herd of cows and a big pile of dirt for your forest.

  3. What an awesome place to walk and we loved the tree making an arch over the path,

  4. Such a beautiful hike. Love that cool leave

  5. THAT was a Most Marvelous adventure, Sam and Pippen. What a GAWJUSS place. I wish I coulda come with you.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. What a grreat walk! That's a totally pawesome tree you walk under, too.