Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Abandonments!

Long weekends are supposed to be the time that mom spends with us, doing whatevers we want!  Isn't that the rule?

Butt this weekend... mom ABANDONED us again!

Not once but twice!  This postie isn't for the faint of heart so you best stop here if you are easily saddened by dawg abandoments...  On Saturday, mom left early and went to the Saanich Fair to see a bunch of funny smelling, weird looking animals!

This here is a cow!

and little piggies...

Mom said there were lots of purty flowers there too... these were her favourites.

Chicken!  Mom said the chickens were loud and noisy butt she liked them anyway.

and Goats!  They were always chewing...

Mom says she liked the goats with the long ears cuz they reminded her of the Sam...

I'm not sure what she means by that and think maybe I should be offended! 

Now... if it wasn't bad enough that mom abandoned us on Saturday to see weird looking animals, on Sunday it got a whole lot worse!  She left us to go see...


And not just any puppies but the labradork kind!  This behaviour is totally shocking...  I recommend averting your eyes to the next few photos.

Totally not cute at all!

Well... this one, we might like, he tried to steal mom's camera!  Gotta give props to that one, he's a smarty!

They've even stole our tunnel and are infecting it with puppy cooties and puppy breath!

GAH!  Cuteness overload!

Double Gah!  Dirty faced puppy...

We are still deciding on whether we should start looking for a new home...

butt we are plotting our revenge in other more stinky ways!


  1. You poor boys! I could hardly look at the pictures although my mom loved em!

  2. Shocking.....terrible......a crime we say or maybe two crimes. We feel your pain. We bit our peeps for making coo coo noises.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You suffer so.. . What to do? You should pretend to run away, and then Mommy will be so happy you are back; then, she will give lots of cookies and attention.

  4. That is incredibly indecent behavior on your Mommas part, she didn't even bring you a cute little piggy home to play with, I just love the piggies!
    I'm thinking you need to have a revenge plot...or maybe pack her bags and tell her to find a new home! BOL!
    Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  5. Why oh why was there insufficient warning in this post. Momma was scrolling happily along through goats and chickens and such and then she got to that stinky puppy photo and came to a full stop and just stared at it with a weird look on her face. I had to quick grab a stuffie and stick it on the iPad (which not only obscured the photo, but forced it to scroll down to comments).

    Your mom is a traitor and needs to be dealt with. She is also an instigator (yes, I've seen those FB labrapupbutt photos she posted). You can come here if you need to. Heck, I'll even let you bark at me. I've got a pal who is a doggie that looks just like Sam and I refuse to go past his house until he barkies at me.


  6. Boy oh boy! No warning at all. What was mom thinking
    Benny & Lily

  7. It's bad enough to be abandoned for farm animals, but for puppies, too?!? *sheesh* You should totally start taking applications for a new Mom. We were thisclose to applying for a new Mom last week when our Mom was canoodling with other doodles, but it wasn't for long and we forgave her one-time bad behavior. But our Mom wasn't posting 87 million puppy photos all over Facebook. We are shocked and horrified at the contents of this post. You can always come stay with us, if you'd like - the four of us can stage a protest against labrapup photos (unless they are from Dexter's Mom, and ONLY if they are pictures of Dexter as a pup).

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  8. That is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS behavior on your momma's part. She needs to make this up to you RIGHT away!

  9. OH ~ THE HORRORS!!!! I can't believes it guys!!! Furst the big stinky, weird lookin' furries, then PUPPIES??!! Holy rat poop!!! What the heck is happenin' over theres??!!
    This has got to stop....I thinks your stinky revenge is most warranted!!!
    Ruby ♥