Friday, January 4, 2013

Adventure Walkie - On Top of a Mountain!

So mom said that we'd do a forest walkie today for a change but she decided we would do something else instead.  We went up to Mt. Tolmie so that we could check out the views on another sunny January day.

Here we are at the viewpoint and if you look really close you can see that mountain from yesterday, Mt. Baker in Washington State.

While we were checking out the sites, mom went and zoomed in on the mountain again.  That's a pretty awesome mountain, right?

After we left the viewpoint area, we went down some stairs to check out some of the trails.

Once again, it was pretty quiet.  We didn't see any other dawgs and only a few other peoples.  Most of the peoples we did see were eating their lunches in their cars - you'd think they'd get out and get some sun and fresh airs, wouldn't you?

Anyways... you can see the whole city from where we were and we never thought Victoria was so big!  This picture is looking to the north...

There's lots of places to run, places to sniff and trees to pee on!

Here's some more of the city, looking south-west...

and this is looking more to the west... we think if we look hard enough you could see our house, maybe..

I tried to find it but it's a long way away from Mt. Tolmie.

Pippen was a total daredevil today... climbing rocks like a kerazy dawg!

Then, just when we were communing with nature...

Mom said, "Hey..."

"Do you dawgs wanna go to the magic cheeseburger window?"

And, well, you don't need to ask us twice!  We lickety splitted right passed mom and on to the car!

Whoo Hoo, Let's go!

The weather is turning and on our way home we could see the clouds rolling in... we just might get our forest walkie in before mom goes back to work! 


  1. Phew I got tired just looking at your adventure...what paw some views you got. But by far the magic cheeseburger window sounded the best...gotta keep the energy up for more adventures

  2. What a pawsome walk you had. Great views. We love the magic cheeseburger window. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. WOW, those views are just incredibles! And da foto of da mountain was just beautifuls!
    I wish my mum loved me as much as your mom loves ya'll...I never gets burgers.


  4. OMD! The magic cheeseburger window after such a great hike. Life couldn't get any better.


  5. You're MOUNTAIN climbers, wow!! You're so brave and tough!

  6. So beautiful....and CHEESEBURGER!?! What a perfect day!


  7. The magic cheeseburger window after a hike in the mountains sounds like a PERFECT day to us! You two are quite the adventure dogs!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  8. What a gorgeous hike. No lets go to the cheeseburger window
    Benny & Lily

  9. Another great place to walk, but what's the cheeseburger window?

    Your neglected friend:(
    But ready for zombies!

  10. OMD! 'Magic Cheeseburger Window'???? Oh, yeah! Great end to a perfect day!
    Ma wanted to thank you for all the great pics and views....She LOVES the mountains, and even though we live RIGHT NEXT TO EM', she never takes me lately....sniff, sniff.
    I live vicariously thru you guys!

  11. hello hobbits its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite a mowntin all rite!!! we hav mowntins in the distanse heer but not like that wun!!! happy noo yeer!!! ok bye

  12. Just flying by to say Hi!


  13. Howdy Little Mates, what a wowza of a walk. Looks like you had heaps fun and then you go to a magic cheeseburger window??? How good is that! Glad your day was a good one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

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