Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Sheer Audacity!

Do you know who this is???

Neither do we!  This is NOT our kitteh!

We found him sleeping in one of our outside beds and he wouldn't leave!

Mom shut us in the house while she negotiated with the kitteh to leave our backyard...

As you can see, I'm not happy with this interloper!

After much discussion, kitteh said he'd leave and mom escorted him out.

but then he changed his mind and tried to come back in...

Mom said, 'out you crazy kitteh' so he left.

Mom let us out so I could inspect the bed.

Let me tell you... it smelled like crazy kitteh!


Later in the afternoon mom let us out and look who was back!

As you can see I was barking mad!

And that crazy kitteh didn't even care!

Mom made me go inside and leave the kitteh alone.

I watched him all afternoon and into the evening.  He was still there when we went to bed!

Pippen says that it isn't a boy kitteh... boys wouldn't be crazy like that.

Only GIRLS are crazy!

I tend to agree... hope that kitteh doesn't come back today!


  1. Yikes! it is invasion of the crazy kitteh at your house!! I think you should gives him the boot right out of your yard. The nerve.

    We could send Uncle Fred over-he chases away (not that they listen to him) the army of doritos from our yard, maybe he could go on kitteh guard for you.

    Sugar the Who

  2. Oh my!! Well... not that it's right AT ALL but... that does look like an inviting bed you have there! BOL!


  3. A trespasser, call the authorities!
    Benny & Lily

  4. I agree with Zona... having a bed outside like that is kind of an invitation to the homeless, isn't it? What were you thinking??

  5. LOL! S/he knows when s/he's found a good thing! Mmmm comfy bed :)

  6. Now do try to be a bit more understanding. I bet that poor kitty is lost and looking for somebody to rescue her. Maybe mom can call the animal control and find out where she lives.


  7. Uh oh, we think you have a new kitteh.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. You can NEVERS negotiate withs a kitteh...thought ya'll knew dat.

    Ummmm, I am starting to wonders if mum closed da linen door on me on purpose...would she really be dat cruel? I'm not suppose to be in theres and her obviously didn't sse me and shut door...moron she is.


  9. sam!

    i can't believe i'm woofing this, but i kinda feel bad for that kitty. she looks lonely-ish, and then your fuzzy bed looks so comfy cozy...but still, she totally should have asked for the permissions first!! girlies really are crazy go nuts!

    the booker man

    pee s -- pippen! i was gettin' all caught up on your bloggie, and i can't believe that grocery store lady had the nerve to call schnauzers ugly. what a weirdo!! i hope your picketing was way successful like!

  10. LOL... the nerve of the uninvited house guest!!