Monday, January 10, 2011

Cracker Dog? That's Me!

Our good friend, Mango is once again holding the world famous MangoMinster and I felt that I needed to enter this year!  There are so many categories that I wasn't sure which one to pick but Pippen advised me that the Cracker Dog category would best suit me.

So here it is...  Why I'm a cracker dog.

Number 1:  I'm a fighter not a lover!  At least when it comes to Pippen

Number 2:  I'll roll in anything that's stinky!

Number 3:  Some of my best friends are Labradorks!

Number 4:  I can swim in the ocean!

Number 5:  I'm not afraid to stand at the edge of a cliff!

Number 6:  I ring the neighbour's doorbells and run away!

Number 7:  I can FLY!!!

Number 8:  I'm not afraid to have a disagreement with my girlfriend....

even if it means running for my life afterwards!

Number 9:  I'm certainly not afraid to make the moves on another (relentlessly huge) guy's girl!

So there you have it... Cracker Dog Extraordinaire!


  1. Great entry......well cept fur that 'stinky stuffs' all over you........,,,,,don't even want to knows what that might be!?!?! BOL!!!

  2. Cracker indeed. You naughty little thing.


  3. Oh YES Sam... Pippen was right... Cracker Dawg fur you!!!

    LOVE the Stinky Stuffs pics. I just wish I had Smell=O=Blog!!
    Best of Luck!!!!

  4. Nice entry! Although I doubt your mom loves the "rolls in stinky stuff"!!

  5. OoH yes Sam, you is a Cracker Dog fur sure!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Sam, you're definitely a cracker dog if we've ever seen one!!

    Elyse and Riley

  7. You are one tough pup!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Wheres da cat-gory fur psycho dog?


  9. Holy, that was cracker post!


  10. Hi little buddies!! Cracker dog indeed...and we should know being king and queen of the cracker dogs!! love and kisses A+A

  11. That is great! You are crackers, ha ha!

  12. Oh yeah, you're Cracker Dog fer sure!

    What did you roll in? Or do I even want to know? bol

  13. We may need to call in International Monitors to make sure Mango doesn't scuttle your entry, after that illicit contact with MJ! You'd sure get our vote for Bravest Little Dog with Questionable Judgment, for entering a photo of your canoodling with one of Mango's ladies in his very own contest. Good thing there's like 3000 miles and a bunch of Border Police between you and the RH. You've definitely got spunk, kid! Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  14. You are most certainly crackers, I don't even swim in my pond.

  15. Not only is your entry pawsome, your bribe has beat everyone else's. You're doing really well at this point in the game.

    The Honorable Judge Twinkums

  16. Hi Sam, Minnie is in the same category, the cracker dog. Minnie is just like you but she has yet to go swimming or standing at the edge of a cliff.