Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Card Edition


  1. Wow you got loads!! Sorry I'm late popping by, its just been so busy, I have just court up with your bloggie. I saw the steps ;)
    Well I'm to late to wish you a Merry Christmas but let me one of the first to wish you
    A Happy New Year
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Wasn't it great getting all those cards. We got many more than SHE did. BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. OoH YaY! You gots da card I sent you!
    So many others too! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Hehehehe...I sees you lookin at Maggie Mae's card...oh I sees mine too.
    Ya'll did gets lots of cards (shocking)! I likes how they is right at your eye level.

    Nows I has a question...which one of you DON'T likes toys?


  5. Wow, you got lots of cards! I was trying to see if you got mine but I don't remember what it looks like. I sent paper cards to everyone whose blog I follow and then an email one to everyone on the Christmas list.

  6. Wasn't it fun getting all those cards!

  7. You got a HOOOOOGE stack of cards there, that's fur sure!!! Wasn't that just the grrrreatest????

  8. Nice cards! Who is that goofball in the hat? Oops, that's me!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. You sure brought in a haul of cards-we're impressed!
    Happy New Year to ya!

  10. Gosh, you got a lotta pretty cards. This is the first year I got cards addressed just to me and it was SO much fun!

    I hope your holidays have been merry!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. How cute that the 2 of you are reading the Christmas cards together! We were so busy that we only sent out 30 cards and we are embarrassed by that so next year we will send out 50+!