Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Comparison!

I know when it comes to good looks, I'll never be able to compare to Sam...  So we'll just go on walkies today and if you happen to notice my nice haircut, that would be nice!

Of course, Sam takes the lead and wants to go this way...

Just leaving a little pee-mail... on Sam... hehehe...

Just a serious puppy taking a walk...

Oh!  Look, now I'm in the lead!

Pay attention Sam!  Mom doesn't want to go over there!

Let's see what's over here...

Hey!  What's that over there?

Do you see it?  Is it a KITTEH?

I'm gonna get this one!

How did he get under there?  Do you think we can fit?

ANOTHER kitteh?

Check out the shrooms...

Check out the sleek looking doggie!

Look at my schnauze...

Now THOSE are butt muscles!

Yeah... okay... maybe you're right... I'm pretty good looking too!

and I'm shy...

Hear that, Sam?  They like me better!

But I'll still let you be my brother...

cuz no one else could beat you up like me!


  1. please dont tell mango but i may have did a double take on yoru butt shots when you were trying to get under the are both very very handsome....and i cant say one is more attractive than hotties...i am glad you had abeautiful weekend...

  2. I think your new "do" looks wonderful. Who said you couldn't be as handsome as Sam? Was it Puddles? Did you want me to talk to her for you?

  3. Oh my dogness, Pippen! Your new "do" is just pawsome too! I just loves a dog with such manly eyebrows and beard!!


  4. i think both of yall look great in your haircuts!

  5. Pippen!!

    You is a handsome dude too! I bets all da ladies luvs it when you walks by!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Hey, I gots some butt muscles too...theys purty too. Oh and I'm shy also...hehehe!
    Now Pippen, don't let Sam rain on your is just as handsome and fun as he is.
    Love you new do.


  7. Pippen - lotsa girlies luvs the strong, silent, handsome type! And you are Most Definitely all THREE! I luvs your haircut and I like that it shows off your eyes and your musclebutt. Oh, and Sam looks pretty good, too.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. Listen your haircut is simply fabulous I get peed on all the time by my brother...listen doesn't everyone? And we think you were very calm on seeing a kitteh.. (I could barely type the word) Love A+A

  9. I think the kittehs may be sta.lking you ..

  10. pippen!
    dude, you are totally smokin' with your new fur cut! you are all smooth 'n shiny, and your hiney muscles are ridiculous! the ladies are gonna be lining up in your yard. heehee!
    oh, good job to you and sam on chasin' those kitties. :)

    the booker man