Thursday, July 15, 2010

And It Continues...


As you know, mom bought me, Pippen, a new bed about a month ago and Sam claimed it as his...

Now, to answer some questions we've had on why mom bought me a bed...  Sam has a bed that he hogs all the time leaving me to sleep in the small little cat bed and I don't really play with toys but Sam does so he gets lots of those while I don't.  So... that's why it's my bed...


I'm a pretty smart doggie and let Sam work out all the kinks before I took it over earlier this week.

And then everyone was like, 'Poor Sam... has to sleep on the floor.  Why can't you share?'

You know what the answer to that one is?

Sam has cooties.  Yes, you read that right, COOTIES!  Who wants Sam Cooties?  NOT me!


But then, today, while mom was at work, we had this idea...  It would weird mom out totally!

Just in case you didn't catch it the first time...

Not only sharing BUT my butt is touching Sam!

Yep, uh huh, that's right... for two whole minutes Sam and I shared something!

And mom... well, she thinks the end of the world is coming...

Maybe we've just been hanging around Puddles Duddles Weiner Roast too much lately...  The whole Puddlespalooza is starting to affect our sanity.


Maybe we shouldn't have accepted that drink from Puddles yesterday...  That church she's starting... maybe it's a cult and we are the first to fall under the spell!

If Puddles knocks on your door and offers you a drink, don't fall for it or you'll be under her spell too!

PeeS.  Less than two weeks until The Puddles Roast so hope you all are writing your speeches... we can hardly wait!


  1. I not sure I know what a roast is apart from a nommy sunday dinner, but I will be sure to watch and find out. Does Sam really have cooties? I think you are very sweet sharing your bed

  2. Awww,

    You two really luvs each other. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Wow, that was a funny trick you played on your mom! I bet she screamed partially fur joy and the partially fur pure shock that you two were sharing the doggy bed! How long did it take fur one of you to leave the bed after your mom witnessed such togetherness? Hmmm!
    Sometimes I let my cat brothers share my crate and when that happens, well, my mom grabs a camera and starts snapping photos!

  4. Um, Puddles sents me some special beer a few months ago and ever since then, I've had the urge to be her BFF. You don't think there's a connection, do you?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I think Brudder Ranger thinks I have cooties, too.

  5. You KNOW never to take ANYTHING from a stranger... and there is no one any STRANGER than Puddles. I'm just sayin'.

  6. Okays, I feels betters knowing you both haves a bed to sleep in.
    You know, my Sissy Whitney doesn't play withs toys eithers. I don't think her knows how, her nevers had any till her came to lives with us.
    Knock Knock!
    It's me Puddles
    Would you likes a glass of water?

    Preacher Puddles

  7. sam and pippen,
    holy cats! i think you might be on to somethingie! a couple weeks ago, miss puddles asked for a picture of me 'n asa claiming she wanted to put it up on her fridge. i bet she's just trying to identify us better cuz she's coming to bring us a drink next! AHHHHH!!!
    the booker man

  8. It's amazing what a nice bed will do for a relationship. BOL! My baby sister Phoenix was a bit scared of my big sister Ginger at first. But when Ginger would plop down next to her on the bed... they soon became bestest furends. Okay... not bestest but at least she wasn't as scared of her. BOL!

    I'm working on my speech but I find it's best to write a Puddles Roast with beers and then my writing kind of falls to the wayside.


  9. Oh-oh!
    I wonder what kind of water was that!!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Hi

    Well there are good and bad things about being the only dog....good thing I do not have to worry about cooties. Bad thing being alone. Hey have you tried the circle circle dot dot trick so you wont have cooties anymore? My momma said that worked for her when she was a little kid.


  11. That LOOKS nice and all for the human's sake, but I wouldn't keep it up for too long... How else will you two get your Mom to buy ANOTHER doggie bed, so no one has to use a C-A-T bed... Now THERE are some COOTIES!!!

  12. Si, probablemente lo sea